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Becoming a cloud hosted PBX reseller might not be a tough task to accomplish, but there are several factors that a person and his/her business should be looking before marching to haste to become a reseller. Cloud hosted PBX systems offer a variety of services to small and medium sized companies, with the most important ones being cost effective and adding a layer of information to protect the valuable digital information of the company. With the aforementioned perks, cloud hosted PBX is becoming a mainstream requirement for companies. However, there are several opportunities for resellers too. If you want to become a cloud hosted PBX reseller, then here are the necessary steps that you should take in order to become one.


1. Should you really become a reseller?

There are several ways to begin selling Hosted PBX without making the experience too cumbersome for you to handle, with guaranteed success in the near future. The first question that you should ask yourself is ‘Is Hosted PBX a good fit with my current services?’ For the most part, the answer will be a definite yes. This is because small and medium sized businesses come to the end of the lifecycle of their current phone system, so it seems only fitting for them to switch to a cloud based platform. Since the features that this particular service are so overwhelmingly flexible, you can rest assured that this is the way that business communication will be heading.

2. Are other services being offered to resell?

Most companies will make you a partner of being a reseller by not just allowing you to resell cloud hosted PBX services, but SIP trunking as well. That means that you will have a solution for physically (and virtually) every type of customer. Since not all customers and businesses require just one type of setup, partnering yourself up with a company that offers you to resell a variety of services will be an added perk.

3. Should you make arrangements to change your staff?

Under normal circumstances, you will not be required to replace your staff. Sure, you will have to edify them on what kind of product you will be selling to businesses and customers, but that does not necessarily mean that you to start wasting time getting employees so that you can hire new ones. The sales team will have to be properly debriefed on what exactly the services are offering, the advantages that the company will receive in switching to these services and most importantly, the sales team will have to guide them through every step of the way regarding costs.  Most companies offer a great training program, which helps you and your staff with a head start.

4. How long before you actually start profiteering from this venture?

Perhaps the most fundamental question from the entire series of questions is; “How long before your partnership with the company turns out to a lucrative venture for you?”

Cloud communications software and services have proven that since business communication is inevitable headed in the direction of services such as cloud hosted PBX and SIP trunking, it should only take you several months and that too depends on your and your team’s efforts.

Just because you have a great product that is ready to sell; it will not start to sell automatically because your efforts are mediocre at best trying to sell it. Switch to the 5th gear in making your team in to a formidable one and soon, your efforts will bear fruit in no time, clearly indicating the vast number of opportunities you can receive from being a cloud hosted PBX reseller. 

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