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The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition GITEX is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show that takes place in Dubai. A large number of technological companies showcase their products and display how they will revolutionize the way people, business and technology exists and communicates with one another. One particular company that is bent on providing a fast, flexible and most importantly; reliable way of conducting business communications is none other than Wavetel. Apart from a variety of products and services under our belt, Wavetel plans to further expand their repertoire of services with additional ones that are detailed below.

Additional services showcased by Wavetel at GITEX 2014

Currently, Wavetel is offering the following services:

  1. SIP Trunking
  2. IP Telephony (IP PBX) Solution
  3. IP Phones and Hardware Solution
  4. Dialer Apps
  5. Wholesale Business Communication Setups
  6. Reseller Business Communication Programs (for long term partnerships)

In order to expand its products and services division, Wavetel plans to showcase the following services:

1. intuPBX 

Known as a multitenant PBX, intuPBX is on a whole new stratum compared to the other PBX solutions. In a multitenant PBX, each client will be given a dedicated PBX, but since there will be multiple clients all of them will be sharing the same server. However, the only difference is that this time, a multitenant architecture will allow the software application to be designed in such a way that it can virtually partition its data and configuration, so as a result, each client will be thought of as a customized virtual application. This form of PBX will present several advantages, including an improved cost savings to performance ratio.


There will be two more products that Wavetel plans on showcasing at GITEX 2014; and they come in the form of dialers.

2. Wavetel Hybrid Dialer

The Wavetel hybrid dialer is a voice transmission mobile application that will allow the combination of two services to be merged in to one convenient package. This will include the ever popular and fast data enabled services such as 3G and 4G connectivity as well as automated Calling Card usage. For the app to work properly, end users will require an Operator Code, which should not raise any concerns as they can easily acquire one from their service provider. The app will also serve dual purposes as service providers can use the app as a platform to market their own services.

3. Wave Call Dialer

The Wave Call dialer is another voice transmission app designed to run on smartphones. The core feature of this application is that it will allow thousands of users to contact their friends and family members (who are placed in geographically unreachable locations) by calling them at feasible rates. To add to the flexibility meter, the app also features direction integration with the users ‘on phone’ contact diary, so that the long, tedious process of having to input each and every contact’s number in to the app’s phone directory can be avoided. In addition, services can also use the Wave Call dialer app to market their services to open up another orifice for a revenue stream.

With additional services ready to be showcased at the event, you can rest assured that Wavetel is all geared up to win the hearts and partnerships of several individuals and companies attending the GITEX 2014. 

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