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The Windows operating system happens to be the dominant operating system that is running in home and enterprise desktop computers. While the Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems were characterized under a colossal failure of an operating system, Microsoft’s newly appointed CEO, Satya Nadella is out to steer the company to new heights. The changes coming in Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 9 will not only ensure unmatched flexibility, but it will also take business communications, which hosted PBX in particular to a whole new level.

Merging all Windows platforms in to a single platform

Merging All Windows Platforms In To A Single Platform

After Satya Nadella became appointed as CEO, his latest charge while leading from the front happened to be coming to a decision that will involve converting all operating systems, belonging to the tablet, mobile, laptop and desktop variants in to a single operating system that will be able to cover all screen sizes, no matter how big or small. This means one operating system that covers all screen sizes. Since cloud hosted PBX systems are comprised up of software that runs on operating system; running that software on a particular operating system will allow employees to have a whole new feel to the operating system as that exact same operating system will be present in their mobile devices as well as their desktop computers. When they are required to work in a place, or access information without the use of desktop or laptop computers, their interface experience will not change when they switch to their Windows mobile devices to resume their work.  

Compatibility around all platforms

Compatibility Around All Platforms

Possibly the biggest hindrance of switching your work mode from desktop (or laptop) to mobile is lack of compatibility with certain programs or applications. While a cloud hosted PBX service allows a user to be connected to the same phone line, accessing a company’s file database will not be as simple due to incompatibility levels. This is where the magic of the upcoming Windows 9 turns the tables once. According to Microsoft executives, developers will be able to write any just code once that will be able to run on any Windows variant. In order to reach that objective, Microsoft is working to unify all platforms, and not just the operating system for mobiles and tablets, but for the company’s gaming console product, the Xbox operating system. Windows developers have taken it to calling these applications as ‘Universal Windows apps.’

Other things to know

Other Things To Know

While the sound of having a unified operating system that is available on all platforms music to most business’s ears, the product will not be launching before Q2 and Q3 2015. Fortunately, for majority of businesses out there, which are unable to run a demanding operating system due to the lack of powerful components inside desktop computers, Windows 9 is going to be extremely user and resource friendly. Even though it might consume more system resources than Windows XP, Microsoft has severed security support for the obsolete operating system, which will force companies to start upgrading as to reduce the risk of online attacks.

For the most part, Windows 9 is going to be an operating system unlike any other.

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