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Before making the upgrade to an IP PBX, you and your business need to know what exactly is an IP PBX. An IP PBX is a form of telephony system (similar to your traditional and might we add obsolete PBX telephony system) that is able to make calls within your organization by taking advantage of the location’s local area network or LAN.

In this way, an IP PBX system is able to make calls by sending in data packets over the network, much similar to a computer system being connected to a network. Now that you know that it does, how about we get to tell you 5 reasons why you should discard your existing setup and upgrade to the future of telephony systems; which is IP PBX.

It is much simpler to install compared to a regular phone system


It Is Much Simpler To Install Compared To A Regular Phone System


These days, what prudent business owners like yourself require from a business is a hassle free environment that will be able to maximize overall productivity.

After all, with the odds slowly falling out of your favor thanks to the ever increasing competition, what better way than to get your level of productivity than to install an IP PBX. An IP PBX runs as a software so it take the advantage of the operating system and its features to deliver a hassle free experience to the user. These days, nearly everyone is adept at using a computer system, so installing an IP PBX should not boggle your brains or efforts.

It is easier to manage thanks to its graphic user interface


It Is Easier To Manage Thanks To Its Graphic User Interface


Since an IP PBX exists as a software, it caneasily be managed through a web-based configuration interface or a GUI, allowing you additional movement of your arms and legs to maintain and fine tune your phone system. Sinceproprietary phone systems can only be maintained byqualified phone technicians, you have found your 2nd reason to ditch it for a better and efficient platform.

No strings attached. Literally.

Since the working of an IP PBX takes place as a software, you can easily configure it to eliminate phone wiring and make adding or moving of extensions much easier.

Thoroughly Scalable


Thoroughly Scalable


Since proprietary systems can easily be outgrown and add to the unnecessary cost column when your business is ready to move to a bigger and better premise,an IP PBX installed on a standard computer can easily handle a large number of phone lines and extensions.

Allows Hot Desking


Allows Hot Desking


What exactly is hot desking? It is the process of being able to easily move offices or desks depending on the task being carried out. This form of system has started to become a popular approach and thanks to an IP PBX, the user can simply takes their phone to their new desk and presto, instant communication setup enabled.

There are more than just five reasons why an IP PBX should be your next platform. However, we thought that if we started listing down all of them, it would have put you sleep, so we decided to put up the very best the platform has to offer.


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