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Apart from reliability, security is another element that is demanded from business owners when they want to upgrade their communicationplatform. Since cloud hosted PBX systems’ equipment are stored at an off-site location, it is believed that this form of communication would be the most unreliable in terms of providing top notch security.

However, the fact of the matter is that since cloud hosted PBX systems is a platform that has evolved through the continuous research and implementation of previous platforms, there are several security contingencies that have assimilated to cloud hosted PBX systems that will protect the sensitive call data of your organization.

1. Calls are encrypted across organization premises


Calls Are Encrypted Across Organization Premises


A cloud hosted PBX system offers organizationshigh encryption levels that are established across the networks of organizations. As long as the organization’s is connected to its PBX or VoIP systems, encrypted algorithms will ensure that your calls are encrypted.

2. Access to authorized personnel only


Access To Authorized Personnel Only


Another reason why business owners refuse to switch their platforms of cloud hosted PBX systems is because they believe that any person will be able to tap in to the system. Wavetel’s cloud hosted PBX systems are able to put a complete restriction on this activity by employing granular control over Web-portal functions and international calling features.

When web-portal access on a per-user basis is enabled, there will always be restricted access on higher level functions that will never be tampered with.In addition, international calls being made through Wavetel’s cloud hosted PBX systems can also be restricted through the use of phone line extension or limiting the number of calls being made in a single month.

While this is one way of having sufficient access control and improved security but it also means that the overall productivity of the organization will be severely hampered if this is done.

How is the organization supposed to excel at productivity while keeping security levels high? The next part will answer your question.

3. Recording calls


Recording Calls


One advantage of having a cloud hosted PBX system installed at your premises is that the system allows the recording of every single incoming and outgoing calls.

According to the requirements of the organization, archived calls be brought up for review whenever needed. Furthermore, hosted PBX systems also providea PBX-based analytics systems, which allow you to view real-time metrics of call quantities, phone usage as well as access.

4. Electronically access every segment of the business


Electronically Access Every Segment Of The Business


One of biggest benefits of installing Wavetel’s cloud hosted PBX system is gaining electronic access to every single element in the organization that is connected through VoIP or PBX systems.

The age of sending invoices and faxes through electronic mail is a common practice and the advantage that cloud hosted PBX delivers is that the monitoring of these transactions can be without any form of restriction.

If you are still worried about a security breach in your company, wait what happens when you remain hesitant over installing Wavetel’s cloud hosted PBX systems. Extra security and flexibility in a cost effective package are waiting for you and your organization premises.


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