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If you thought that cloud hosted PBX systems were inferior to your traditional legacy PBX systems, you should re-evaluate your skills as a business owner.

Cloud hosted PBX systems are the future of business communication and there are several reasons why this platform has started to become a popular system for majority of business owners who not only keep track of the latest and greatest platforms but also those who want to benefit the most from their organization. If you have not switched to the best replacement platform for your legacy PBX system, then here are several perks that will compel you to make the upgrade.

1. Cheap as peanuts


Cheap As Peanuts 1


When we say cheap as peanuts, we literally mean that. Remember the complimentary peanuts you get every time you fly in an aircraft? We do and guess what? They are free.

So in simple terms, switching over from your legacy PBX system to a cloud hosted PBX system will actually be as cheap as getting peanuts on the plane for free because for the longest time, you were paying exorbitant amounts of direct and indirect costs (maintenance, and acquisition of more PBX products)that was blowing a hole through your bank account.

Switching over a cloud hosted PBX system would actually mean that your entire equipment will be placed at the provider’s premise while all you’ll have is the ‘call making’ paraphernalia.

2. You get more office space


You Get More Office Space


As stated above, all the equipment will be placed at the provider’s premise. So if you are looking to acquire a cloud hosted PBX system from WaveTel, WaveTel will set up all the necessary equipment at their own doorstep while providing you with only ‘call making’ material necessary to deliver crisp voice and video calls.

Since all the equipment will be present at an off-site location, your office space will be less cramped and you will not have to worry about maintenance costs for a microsecond as WaveTel’s proficient staff will get them up and running in a jiffy.

3. Increase it as your business expands


Increase It As Your Business Expands 1


After switching over to a cloud hosted PBX system, we are confident that by reducing costs and increasing overall productivity, you will be able to increase your business at a much faster than you would have if you were adamant on keeping your obsolete legacy PBX system.

Scalability is the term that we are looking for. Thanks to the scalable feature of cloud hosted PBX, you can keep on increasing it while your business thrives. It is far better than continuously adding useless costs buying up equipment for your legacy PBX system in order to accommodate for the extra employees, office space and overall infrastructure.

All it takes is three reasons to justify why a cloud hosted PBX system is your one stop to satisfy all of your business communication speeds. Legacy PBX systems only exist because people are misinformed on the advantages of WaveTel’s cloud hosted PBX and if you choose to follow them, you will not be rewarded with cost savings, sufficient office space and scalability.


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