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The holiday season is always going to be something to rejoice about. Discounted deals coupled with an atmosphere that is radiating happiness and love are just a few reasons why thousands of people are always looking forward to this season.

However, whilst a major percentage of individuals are given holidays, some business owners have to keep their businesses open due to the nature of their work. During the holiday season, business owners are no strangers to the adverse climate conditions that they have to deal with while doing business but for these business owners, technology has raced at such a pace that it is able to counter the harshest of environments.

One communication platform in particular is a cloud hosted PBX system, which allows business owners to remain connected regardless of how bad the storm is outside.

Why are cloud hosted PBX systems important during the holiday season?

Because of what they bring to the table. Legacy PBX systems cannot guarantee a stable connection in a terrible environment that is accompanied during the holiday season. Frequently, business owners will find that the investment they had put forward in traditional PBX systems did not give them back what they paid for and then, they have no one to blame but themselves.

This is because traditional PBX systems possess weak connection lines that cannot hold out against the harsh environment and winds and will most likely have the connection existing between the telephone and the service provider severed. In addition to being extremely cost-effective compared to its expensive and older PBX variant, all the equipment that facilitates voice, video and conference calls (except for the phones) will be present at the provider’s location.

Since the firm that provided you with the cloud hosted PBX system in the first place will already have security measures to hold out against the storms and keep delivering you with uninterrupted service, you have nothing to worry about but to keep your focus triangulated with your clients. Cloud hosted PBX provides possess contingencies to counter frequent and intermittent power outages, which frequently take place during the holiday season. Another important characteristic of cloud hosted PBX systems is that they are scalable according to the size of your business or the frequency that your business is engaged with over a specific period of time.

Now, suppose if you have to get engaged with more clients during the holiday season than you normally do in other seasons, cloud hosted PBX systems will become your perfect companion; by allowing you to grow your business for that specific time period.

If you had a traditional PBX system placed at your office premise, then it would be a miracle if your phone systems would be working in such a terrible environment. Furthermore, if you wanted to engage with clients, the harsh weather would make the call quality choppy at best so good luck trying to do business with a telephone that gives out sporadic static through the ear piece.

Making the right upgrade in the face of unforgiving environment conditions will proliferate your business when you least expect it to. That is the magic that cloud hosted PBX systems bring to your office premise.


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