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IP PBX phones is just another fancy name given to IP Phones to make them stand out from a traditional PBX phone. While their name is different from one another, so is their functionality.

Unlike regular PBX phones, IP Phones utilize the power of VoIP and are able to deliver impressive call quality through LAN connectivity. However, that is not the only difference that business owners like yourself should be aware of. Here are some of the primary differences between IP PBX and regular PBX.

1. IP PBX provides lower cost compared to regular PBX


IP PBX Provides Lower Cost Compared To Regular PBX


VoIP routing costs far less compared to a PBX line, but what is ever more important is that purchasing your own IP PBX lowers additional costs for the foreseeable future. For a startup or even a well-established business, it is extremely important that business owners carefully monitor the costs of their organization because they never know when they would have to make drastic and egregious decisions in the face of mounting and overwhelming costs.

2. IP Phones are much easier to install than regular PBX phones.


IP Phones Are Much Easier To Install Than Regular PBX Phones


While cost savings go a long way in ensuring that your organization will have sufficient funds to last it for a long time, that perk would be of no use if your employees will be wasting precious time in figuring out how to install these devices.

Luckily for your business, IP Phones are extremely simple to install and configure. While installing an IP PBX will be a quick and painless task for the technologically edified, that in no way means that a person will negligible knowledge on networking and installing hardware would not know how to install IP Phones.

3. Unified messaging service helps easier to keep communicate


Unified Messaging Service Helps Easier To Keep Communicate


Integration between a variety of applications including your email inbox and many more will enable your employees to improve their overall business productivity in the organization. Not only this, but unified messaging will also help integrate IP Phones to work applications such a CRM packages.

4. Relocating will be far simpler for IP Phone users


Relocating Will Be Far Simpler For IP Phone Users

Unlike traditional PBX phones, IP Phones have the capacity to be moved from one location to the other since they are connected through the organization’s local area network.

After they are connected from a whole new location, they will immediately get connected to the PBX server, providing unhindered call making sequences to be executed. Gone are the days when you had to endure an excruciatingly long and tedious process of relocating your regular PBX phones and that too, paying the technician a substantial amount of fee in completing the operation.

Now that you have figured out the differences between IP Phones and regular PBX phones, we are thoroughly confident that you will be looking for the best interests of the organization and opt to installing an IP PBX setup. Lower costs, lowered operating costs and the flexibility of moving from one location to the other without hiring a technician is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits that you will be receiving from IP Phones.


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