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After discussing several advancements in wireless technology that will improve the overall landscape of your hosted PBX environment, we now jump to the wearables section, and check how it will further sculpt and disrupt the ways communication is being done in an organization.

While smartphones provided employees and owners an augmented backbone to improve overall productivity of a cloud hosted PBX environment, smartwatches will provide the next jump in advancement.

The level of productivity that smartwatches will bring will be phenomenal

While devices such as the Moto 360, Samsung Galaxy Gear and a plethora of others are the first products stemming from the category of smartwatches, history has proved that better versions of these will make it to the market and will possess features and specifications that will dwarf their predecessors and make a nice productive addition to your cloud hosted PBX environment.

Similar to smartphones, smartwatches will possess WiFi and mobile connectivity as well. Intel, the world’s leading manufacturer of desktop and laptop computers is working on a 3G model whose design and form factor is strictly targeted towards smartwatches. The company has named the 3G modem as the XMM 6255.

In several ways, the company’s modem will outperform 3G modems present on smartphones and tablets. In addition, since smartwatches will be working on a mobile platform such as Android, iOS or Windows, users will have access to a variety of applications, specifically those that will be targeted to make the cloud hosted PBX environment even more productive.

Video chatting, video conferencing and voice calls being executed on mobile devices will also be done on smartwatches and since the device will come with the added benefit of being strapped to your wrist rather than being carried around in your hands all day, it will make the experience ever so simple.

Future advances that will smartwatches a worthy addition in cloud hosted PBX environments

After wireless advances, there are other departments where the smartwatch can thoroughly improve in a cloud hosted PBX environment. Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles that smartphones and smartwatches will have to scale is providing sufficient battery life to last at least during the duration of office hours.

In this way, users will remain productive while mobile and will not be required to stay in a single position constantly. Remaining in one position can degrade the overall health of the employee as well as make them lethargic, which is an automatic productivity killer element.

Furthermore, due to the small form factor of smartwatches, users will not able to move their hands and navigate freely across the device. While this may kill the efficiency of a smartwatch, gesture controls which are executed through voice commands, hand movement and eye movement can easily enhance that experience.

While the very first products might not be able to exhibit such a plethora of features, there is always something to look forward to in the future. Cloud hosted PBX systems are going to keep on improving thanks to improved wireless standards, mobile connectivity and of course, wearables.


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