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Perhaps one of the greatest combinations of business communication channels is cloud hosted PBX. This particular technology allows small and medium sized businesses to upgrade their existing level of communication by adopting a sophisticated telephone system without massively allocating exorbitant funds in telephone equipment. Not only this, but the fact that entire telephone system is operated and maintained by a VoIP service provider grants the system to be better performing compared to traditional PBX exchanges.

How is a cloud hosted PBX beneficial for workers?

How Is A Cloud Hosted PBX Beneficial For Workers

A cloud hosted PBX lets employees the flexibility to finish their tasks from home as well as from the office premises. Not only this, since a cloud hosted PBX allows storage in cloud web based servers, workers can practically access their granted files from their home, a hotel or on their cell phone (if they are connected to the same office telephone system). In terms of communication, workers can transfer calls, set up conference calls or have the option to let the phone be answered by an automated voice attendant who can direct callers to different departments in the organization.

Advantages of using a cloud hosted PBX system

Advantages Of Using A Cloud Hosted PBX System

The release of PBX phone systems has given rise to various augmentations present in the same technology. That is called a cloud hosted PBX system. There are several advantages of your business opting to secure a cloud hosted PBX system for the operational activities in the organization. The advantages are:

  • Having a phone system that is not bound by any physical location will make things much easier for subsidiary and parent organizations.
  • Everyone present in that organization will be accessing the same system from wherever they happen to be. In simple terms, users can transfer calls, engage in audio and video conferences with people present in a geographically different region with greater ease.
  • A cloud hosted PBX system is also able to re-route calls to a different location in case one office is not accessible due to a security threat, breach or any other form of disaster that will lead to the purging of data. This contingency is known as disaster planning and recovery and using a cloud hosted PBX system will serve as the perfect deterrent when you want your important files secured.
  • Another perk of using a cloud hosted PBX solution is that it will grow according to the size of the organization. This means that the office will only pay for what is required. When an organization keeps on maintaining its telephone exchanges, more equipment, and technicians will have to be purchased and hired respectively in order to maintain the proportionality of equipment running in the organization.
  • Cloud hosted PBX systems will also cut indirect costs that are incurred when the organization requires IT support to provide maintenance to its existing hardware and software. If such costs are removed from the budgeting equation, then more work projects and funds can be allocated to the business side of running an organization.

With the amount of features, price feasibility and flexibility to run the operations comfortably and productively in an organization, PBX systems and their advanced iterations; cloud hosted PBX systems, offer the most suitable alternative for your business communication needs.  

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