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While running an organization, there are some elements that can be controlled and then, there are some elements that are out of the organization’s hand. The elements that are out of the organization’s hand are disasters that severely disrupt the productivity level in an organization. After all, anything can happen at any given time; even disasters. This is exactly the reason why businesses need to adopt contingencies that will make short work of these unforeseen consequences and resume the business’ activities at their optimum productivity levels. However, for a disaster recovery to take place, a business will require suitable forms of equipment that will help it to withstand the storm that is accompanied by these disasters. Thanks to the age of technology and moreover, thanks to cloud hosted PBX systems, businesses can resume their operations with minimum wastage of time. If small and medium sized businesses needed only one reason to acquire a cloud hosted PBX system in their premise; it would be because such a system possesses a disaster recovery operation that prevents the purging of sensitive data.

How cloud hosted PBX can help businesses recover from disasters?

Here are some ways how cloud hosted PBX systems prevent disasters from affecting the business operations to come to a halt.

1. Redirection of calls is made possible

Redirection Of Calls Is Made Possible

One scenario that can be concocted to explain disasters is that if the onsite equipment currently set up at your business goes down then your employees can continue to use your phone system because it is not operated from that particular equipment. As long as your service provider's servers remain operational, your employees can continue to access it using the wide range of communicating equipment such as phones and computing devices. Most service providers even provide you with the option to set up rules in case of contingencies. In this way, your employees will continue to work with minimal disruption in case something goes wrong.

2. Redundancy


Cloud hosted PBX is advantageous because when it comes to handling disasters, the servers are placed at an offsite location rather than an onsite one to minimize or completely nullify loss of data. Let us construct another scenario. If a building that is hosting the data of your business experiences a temporary blackout, it most likely will cause your on site equipment to stop functioning. However, having a cloud based PBX system means that your phone system will continue to remain operational because the servers are stored at your service provider's facilities, which will remain unscathed. Furthermore, such facilities are also equipped with backup generators; which are designed to combat events such as blackouts.

3. Management is outsourced

Management Is Outsourced

Using a cloud hosted PBX system for your business also means that the management of your phone system can contact the proficient team of IT professionals that are employed by your service provider. Their expertise and adept knowledge of cloud hosted systems will not only mean that such incidents will be reduced in order to minimize further problems, but that same level of expertise will also guarantee that your phone system can be brought back up as fast as possible should the servers at your service provider ever go down.

With so many advantages placed at the fingertips of your business, cloud hosted PBX offers you the perfect solution to combat disasters, recover your data and your operational business without scathing the reputation and revenue stream of your business.

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