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Since products of technology are often regarded as disruptive, their disruption ends up causing a major progression halt or a complete halt for obsolete technologies whose numbers are slowly dwindling overtime. Integrated services digital network (ISDN) used to be a preferred set of communications used to transmit data of voice, video and other data transmissions but these set of communications have been taken over by something faster, better and more importantly, cost effective. That happens to be SIP Trunking. For small and medium sized businesses who continue to run on ISDN, here are three mistakes that you are making by not choosing to switch to SIP Trunking.

1. Not combining two services into a single package

Not Combining Two Services Into A Single Package

SIP Trunking provides voice systems over the internet instead of a private branch exchange. Using the functionalities of SIP Trunking, small and medium sized businesses have successfully been able to migrate from having different set of systems for the voice and data networks and combine both of these services into single package.

2. Not avoiding additional money-saving opportunities

Not Avoiding Additional Money Saving Opportunities

SIP Trunking will allow your business to join its voice and data services into one network so that it will no longer have to pay out for those despicable and expensive ISDN rental costs. In addition, the cost of making the voice over Internet protocol enabled telephone calls is far cheaper compared to the ISDN set of communications. This will be extremely advantageous in the event that the company needs to make a ton of overseas calls.

3. Not allowing your business to become scalable with equipment

Not Allowing Your Business To Become Scalable With Equipment

If your business ends up being extremely profitable over the course of several years, you will no doubt want to expand it in terms of operations. SIP Trunking allows for the extra phones to be added without installing extra lines at great cost; another thing that ISDN is not able to grant you.

4. Not having flexibility for your business

Not Having Flexibility For Your Business

When SIP Trunking is concerned; this connection and its respected calls (ranging from voice to video) is performed virtually over the internet. SIP Trunking connects a phone system such as a PBX with a voice over internet protocol network instead of an ISDN. Through this method, the company will not be forced to share a plethora amount of different telephone lines, which will no doubt add to cost of the business.

5. ISDN does not provide you with extra features the way SIP Trunking does

ISDN Does Not Provide You With Extra Features The Way SIP Trunking Does

Thanks to SIP Trunking, the presence of cloud based call recording, and enabling your enterprise to record calls has become possible, which will most certainly help you and your business combat any legal or security issues if the situation ever calls for it. That’s not all. An interactive voice response technology allows customers to interact with your company’s system for hosting calls through their keypads. This process is a whole lot simpler and can be integrated in to your business’ services.

With massive money saving potential and an upgrade of features and performance, your business will most definitely thrive if you switch from ISDN to SIP Trunking. 

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