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How do you define something that is good value for money when a business owner is concerned? Does it have to do with buying the cheapest office equipment available and making it part of the organization? Certainly not. That only means that you are saving yourself some money in making an inferior product a part of the organization. Regardless if the product may be an object or even a service, some individuals define good value for money as being the cheapest thing available. For prudent business owners, that is not good value for money. In fact, that is just taking shortcuts and making trade-offs from experiencing a really good quality service. So now the question that needs to be asked to small and medium sized business owners is; whether switching to an IP PBX good value for money or not? Let us find out.

1. It is much easier to install as compared to a regular PBX system

It Is Much Easier To Install As Compared To A Regular PBX System

Since the IP PBX runs as software on a computer, the main computer will not be comprised of peripherals (including the processor) that can deliver impressive power, which will allow it to carry out multiple functions. The IP PBX software will be able to take full advantage of the improved processing capabilities and since the interface belongs to Microsoft Windows, it will provide additional features that the user can take advantage of. Anyone who has the slightest knowledge on how to configure software in a networking capacity will be able to install the software and start using it. This is far easier compared to installing a regular PBX system.

2. GUI interface makes it much simpler to use the software

GUI Interface Makes It Much Simpler To Use The Software

An IP PBX possesses a web-based configuration interface or a GUI (graphic user interface), which will allow the most basic of users to tune the settings according to their flexibility and liking. When regular PBX systems are concerned, their mundane aesthetics and complicated interfaces will only end up making things difficult for the user.

3. The business owner will get a significant price reduction

The Business Owner Will Get A Significant Price Reduction

How? Since an IP PBX is revolving around using VoIP connections, employees and owners alike can use a VoIP service provider to make long distance and international calls. In addition to providing a voice quality that is clear as crystal, the monthly savings that the owner will get will be downright fantastic. Additionally, if the business owner has another branch set up in a different part of town, he/she or their employees can easily contact that branch through an IP telephone and that too free of charge.

See the number of trade-offs that you are getting that you commit yourself and your business to switch from a PBX system to an IP PBX system. See; good value for money does not always have to have a price tag. Good value for money is also related to how it will benefit the organization. An IP PBX combines flexibility, performance and cost effectiveness in to one big, giant solution for the communication medium of the business. So next time someone asks you the question 'what is good value for money for your business', you will immediately know.


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