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After communication mediums went through several changes under research and implementations, one of the most flexible products belonging to the category of business; VoIP technology came in to existence. That product is known today as cloud hosted PBX. This form of technology allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the investment in telephone equipment. In fact, the biggest perk of installing a cloud hosted PBX is that your entire telephone system is going to be operated and maintained by your voice over IP (VoIP) service provider. The advantages of installing a cloud hosted PBX far outweighs the concerns that a business would have installing one. In fact, here are 4 ways how not using a cloud hosted PBX will end up leading your business to certain demise.

1. Your business will have to incur more costs using a normal PBX system

Your Business Will Have To Incur More Costs Using A Normal PBX System

Lots of businesses like to cling to the old ways, thinking that they are doing things just ‘okay’. However, doing things ‘okay’ is not the same as doing things well or doing things great. Doing things ‘okay’ means that the business is barely able to pass the breakeven point. This is due to the fact that maintaining and running a PBX system will incur large amount of costs (due to the obsolete level of wires used in running a PBX system). These costs will be invested heavily in maintaining a robust level of call quality, replacing equipment when they have degraded to a point of no return and replacing wires when necessary. Overtime, this will prevent businesses from undertaking new projects because there will not be sufficient amount of funds available to pursue such projects.

2. No data recovery in case disaster takes places

No Data Recovery In Case Disaster Takes Places

Since a PBX system is placed directly on an area’s premises, recovery of data is not always guaranteed since there are not well placed contingencies to counter power outages and other unforeseen consequences. Cloud hosted PBX is advantageous because when it comes to handling disasters, because the servers are placed at an offsite location rather than an onsite one to minimize or completely nullify loss of data. Another thing that needs to be mentioned here is that offsite facilities are also equipped with backup generators; in order to counter the effect of power outages.

3. Running a PBX system is not feasible

Running A PBX System Is Not Feasible

Naturally, with the course of time, your business will be expected to expand in terms of office space, and the level of operations carried out on a daily basis. Maintaining a PBX system will not be feasible for your business as every time your business expands one way or another, you will have to purchase and install new equipment. Since cloud hosted PBX systems are scalable; it will grow proportionally to the size that your business grows.

4. Redirection of calls are not made possible

Redirection Of Calls Are Not Made Possible

Similar to data recovery, a power outage will not be able to allow your employees to use the existing telephone services because the equipment is placed at that particular premise.  

After viewing all the disadvantages that PBX system brings to your business, would it not be the wiser choice to choose a better alternative for the smooth operation of your business?

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