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Every business has a different model on how it’s supposed to run. Unfortunately, sometimes, the model does not always end up granting the company an additional stream of revenue. There are a number of reasons for that. First off, there might not be anything wrong with the business model of the company. However, a business model does not co-relate with how the business carries its day to day activities. There are 3 key objectives that an organization stands to achieve:

  • Making a profit
  • Reducing costs to increase profit margin
  • Increase level of productivity to further increase revenue

All the aforementioned objectives need to be achieved if the business is expected to thrive under such overwhelming levels of competition. However, one thing that hampers a business’ level of productivity which will end up hampering the amount of revenue a company generates overtime is the kind of communication setup a business has setup in the premises. Currently, most businesses have resorted to remain adamant about keeping a PBX (private branch exchange) communication setup, which will be disadvantageous to the overall productivity in an organization. There are several things that are wrong in running a PBX business communication setup. They have been outlined below.

1. There are other faster solutions available

There Are Other Faster Solutions Available

Extensive research has given rise to several number of communication mediums that provide faster data transfer capabilities compared to PBX systems. Even though we have much to thank to PBX systems for allowing numerous iterations of communications to take its place (such as IP PBX telephony systems), it is a well known fact that there is always to be something that will end up being better and faster compared to its predecessors and will most likely take its place in the near future.

2. The faster solutions are accompanied with additional features and flexibility

The Faster Solutions Are Accompanied With Additional Features And Flexibility

Apart from being faster than PBX systems, VoIP based telephony systems have become more software based rather than hardware based. This presents a series of advantages for the business. For one thing, a VoIP based PBX service will be able to view the user from anywhere based on IP protocols, so the user has a virtualized experience and distributed voice calls. An IP service associates a user with a phone number and can register any number of devices.

3. PBX systems require more maintenance costs to operate at optimum levels

PBX Systems Require More Maintenance Costs To Operate At Optimum Levels

When pitted against VoIP based PBX systems, PBX systems will not be the ideal solution for maintaining business communication in a company because that company will also have to keep maintenance personnel who are adept in the workings of PBX systems. While hiring people who are proficient in their respected fields is a plus point for the company, too many costs will be incurred in maintaining the existing PBX system, which may hinder the company to undertake future projects. Furthermore, since PBX systems transmit analog signals, the larger the cable length will be of the PBX setup, the more degrading the performance is going to be as analog signals loose signal performance over cable length. Hosted VoIP systems allow the organization to minimize PBX hardware and eliminate the need to maintain idle telecom circuit capacity.

There are always obstacles that are going to be faced when running an organization, especially those that appear without any warning. However, obstacles such as not upgrading a company’s existing business communication setup should not exist in the first place. Upgrading a communication system is the first step to increasing productivity in an organization.  

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