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What is a Cloud PBX?

What Is A Cloud PBX

A private branch exchange (more commonly known as a PBX) is a telephone exchange that is adopted in a particular business or even an office building. These PBXs are able to make their connections through the internal telephones of a business or organization and connect them to PSTNs, or public switched telephone network. The existence of a traditional hard wired PBX system has given rise to several augmentations in existing technology called cloud computing. Cloud computing has enabled advanced solutions, such as cloud hosted PBX solutions, which offer several advantages over the existing PBX solution.

What are the functionalities of a PBX phone system?

What Are The Functionalities Of A PBX Phone System

Currently, a PBX phone system offers the following functionalities in a phone system:

  • Establishing connections between two or more users.
  • Maintaining the connections as long as needed and at peak call quality.
  • Disconnecting the connections without delay when the call has been completed when the users hang up.
  • Providing information for accounting purposes.

Cloud hosted PBX systems, which are also called VoIP PBX systems, use Internet Protocol to carry out calls and build robust connections with the callers. Most modern PBXs support VoIP and a cloud hosted PBX system comprises of one or more VoIP enabled handsets of softphones, and an IP PBX.  The phones, register with the IP PBX server, and when they make a call, the IP PBX is able to establish a rock solid connection. One perk of using a cloud hosted PBX systems is that it can be located on the customer’s premise, hosted by a VoIP service provider, or strengthen the establishment of a phone system.

Why a cloud hosted PBX is required in a hotel?

Since there are several chains of hotels carrying the same name around the globe, there are several reasons why such an organization would require a cloud hosted PBX system. These reasons have been listed below:

 1. Overhead costs are cut down

Overhead Costs Are Cut Down

Setting up a cloud hosted PBX system will remove the indirect costs that are incurred when the organization requires IT support to provide maintenance to existing hardware and software. Choosing a cloud-based PBX solution is a brilliant way of getting rid of these IT elements such as additional machines that consume more power and occupy more space. If such elements are removed from the equation, then more work projects and funds can be allocated to the business side of running an organization.

 2. A Cloud hosted PBX system is accessible from anywhere

A Cloud Hosted PBX System Is Accessible From Anywhere

The insertion of flexibility is the reason why a cloud hosted PBX system is chosen in the first place. Furthermore, having a phone system that is not bound by any physical location will make things much easier for subsidiary and parent organizations. Everyone present in that organization will be accessing the same system from wherever they happen to be. In simple terms, users can transfer calls, engage in audio and video conferences with people present in a geographically different region with greater ease.

However, that is not the only reason why such a system is chosen. For any organization, the purging of important data can take place at any given time, which will make things extremely difficult when the taxation reviews or any other important reports are required from that particular office. That is where disaster planning and recovery comes in to play. A cloud hosted PBX system will be able to re-route calls to a different location in case one office is not accessible due to a security threat, breach or any other form of disaster.

 3. Cloud hosted PBX systems can adapt to the organization size

Cloud Hosted PBX Systems Can Adapt To The Organization Size

Another benefit of using a cloud hosted PBX solution is that it will grow according to the size of the organization. This means that the office will only pay for what is required and nothing more.

There are several advantages of using a PBX system in an organization and there are even more perks of using a cloud hosted PBX system. For an organization that has multiple chains and offices like hotels, using a cloud hosted system is perhaps the most resourceful approach.

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