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A private branch exchange or PBX happens to be a system that is able to connect the telephone lines of a company with outside public telephone networks (this will include mobile networks as well). A variant of PBX, called IP PBX is a form of PBX that provides a combination of audio, video, and instant messaging communication. There are several advantages of using a PBX system over a traditional phone system. One of those primary reasons happens to be improved productivity and reduced overheads in an organization. Another advantage that PBX serves is that parent companies that provide the setup of a PBX system can easily deliver these services to individuals and their organizations. In turn, these organizations can either use these services (should their business require them) or they can provide these services to another organization and become a PBX reseller. For your convenience, here is a comprehensive guide to your business communication setup.

What kind of businesses requires a PBX setup?

What Kind Of Businesses Requires A PBX Setup

Since chances are the larger organizations have their equipment already set up, they will not require a PBX setup. However, for small and medium sized businesses, having a PBX setup is mandatory if the main objective for these businesses is to improve overall productivity and reduce the cost of their equipment. Furthermore, when small and medium sized businesses are set up in one geographical location, they will need to either contact the parent company or they can contact any other organization to request for goods which will be essential for the running of the owners business. In such a case, having a PBX or IP PBX setup in the organization will serve several advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Combining multiple locations into a single system for increased productivity.
  • Highly cost effective compared to regular calling services. Another perk of having this setup is that employees working in that organization may dial any other VoIP extension within the office or to remote office extension and they will not be charged a penny for it.
  • Small businesses will not be required to purchase expensive and obsolete equipment that will not only take up a large portion of space in the office area, but increase indirect costs such as electricity and maintenance.
  • Businesses that are supposed to be catering directly to customers will have the perk of improving customer satisfaction to a whole new degree because now, their complaints, suggestions and feedback will be taken over large quantities. With a PBX system, an organization can hold up 40 simultaneous calls over a single connection, and that too while maintaining impeccable calling quality.

Occasionally, a company that is providing services such as IP PBX, IP Telephony, and SIP Trunking might not be available in the same region as the organization that requires these services. This is exactly the reason why we also provide reseller services, where organizations present in your geographical location can provide you with the PBX services that you require and no less.

What are the advantages of being a PBX reseller?

What Are The Advantages Of Being A PBX Reseller

Regardless of how proficient our services might be in terms of delivering quality equipment, customer service or even high quality training to employees, a company cannot thrive let alone profit without sufficient levels of marketing. That is exactly where team work between different organizations is carried out. Through our reseller program, we provide our equipment, our infrastructure, our services and of course, our training program to other organizations who in turn are able to resell our services to other organizations present in the same geographical position. Since marketing a company cannot be done without the use of resellers, this is exactly why we have introduced the reseller program. There are several perks of being a reseller. They are as follows:

  • Attractive discounts are given to resellers based on the level of volume they purchase in order to resell it to other organizations.
  • World Class Training and Support.
  • Local Installation Opportunities.
  • Re-brand or Co-brand our product to personalize the product or hide our identity as the reseller sees fit.
  • Access to a complete range of VoIP services to simplify purchase dilemmas for other organizations.
  • Sell the most advanced feature rich phone system anywhere and at the same time, ensure your customers’ business thrives for a long period of time.
  • Advanced technical support.

Since resellers are a core part of our business, our future depends on your success.

What other services do we offer apart from IP PBX?

What Other Services Do We Offer Apart From IP PBX

Since we have a range of diversified services present to be installed on your premises, you will not have to look elsewhere for another service. In addition to the IP PBX system, we also provide SIP Trunking services, for both organizational and reselling levels. SIP Trunking is a VoIP streaming media that enables Internet telephone service providers to provide businesses with software communication applications that include the following:

  • Voice.
  • Video.
  • Other streaming media applications that include desktop sharing and web conferencing.

SIP Trunking is advantageous for a number of reasons:

1. It allows consistency of data:

Majority of the times, a business has a huge clutter of files that are the result of market research, reports and other categories. These files are present in a variety of formats and due to the quantity of these files; it becomes extremely difficult to organize them. On some occasions, due to compatibility issues, these files cannot be viewed. However, thanks to SIP Trunking, this process becomes more refined and your files are present in a more organized manner to help facilitate the use of easy search. This reduces the total time.

2. Reduced costs:

Businesses will only be required to pay for one service rather than multiple. These businesses will also not be burdened by unnecessary indirect costs that increase due to the level of maintenance required to keep the obsolete equipment working at their peak levels.

3. Ease of use and work flow:

Workers can be trained to use the equipment in a shorter span of time, which will increase the level of productivity.

With all the advantages and perks that you are getting just by selecting our PBX Reseller service, you will most certainly not be disappointed by our commitment and efforts to please you. We are confident that you will make the right choice and choose us as your service provider and reseller program. 

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