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The paramount objectives of any business around the globe are as follows:

  • Reducing costs and earning profits
  • Increasing productivity to increase profit margins

Unfortunately, several forms of equipment present at the office premises (the ones which aid employees and workers with day to day operations) require routine maintenance or replacement cycles which can end up incurring a significant amount of costs for the organization. Additionally, previous generation equipment normally takes up a lot of office space, which causes quite a bit of friction for employees and their level of productivity. Furthermore, when businesses need to communicate with their parent company, with other subsidiaries or other businesses, they normally communicate through a traditional phone system. This traditional phone system’s call quality is mediocre at best, which hinders businesses from properly communicating with one another. This is where the role of SIP Trunking plays an important part; to replace the traditional, performance degrading phone system and replace it with something better, faster, cheaper and something that provides more communicating options.

Given below are many of the advantages you’d gain if your business disbands its traditional phone system and starts running SIP Trunking based equipment on its premises.

1. No more requirements to purchase expensive equipment


SIP Trunking eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment such as BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces), PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces), or local PSTN gateways, which ends up lowering telephony costs. It is much easier and less costly to extend your system over IP.

2. No more separate voice and data connections

No More Separate Voice And Data Connections

SIP Trunking further reduces costs by eliminating the need for separate voice and data connections, and expands the potential for communications using both voice and data together. Further, as a company grows, all necessary infrastructures to handle additional voice and data traffic are already in place. In fact, a single corporate SIP Trunking account can cater an entire enterprise, regardless the size.

3. All calls are turned into local calls

All Calls Are Turned Into Local Calls

Services that offer SIP trunks to enterprises give these enterprises the flexibility to outsource their PSTN connectivity to a third party. As a result, this will reduce long-distance fees, as SIP calls travel over the Internet or provider’s IP network to a triangulated position that is owned by a service provider, where the call is then transferred to the local PSTN.

4. Telephone number mapping makes life easier for business owners

Telephone Number Mapping Makes Life Easier For Business Owners

The functionality of Telephone number mapping is to automatically look up phone numbers to see if they match a known SIP address. This allows the call to be completed over the Internet (instead of being transferring it out to the PSTN). Since no traffic comes through the PSTN side of things, the telephone number mapping functionality provides an effective means of saving costs for your business.

5. Infrastructure and ROI is completed in the minimum time possible

Infrastructure And ROI Is Completed In The Minimum Time Possible

SIP Trunking’s ability to reduce indirect costs by a substantial margin means that companies and small businesses can benefit from this form of communication and can generate a sizable return on investment and payback; in some cases less than 6 months. When enterprises opt to choose to switch to SIP Trunking, the conversion to voice over IP will involve the purchase of an IP PBX, IP Phones or soft clients (which operate on computers or laptops), as well as an SIP-aware firewall to maintain security while allowing VoIP traffic to pass through.

SIP Trunking offers large and small scale companies the benefits of SIP Trunk communications and saves them an excessive amount of money that would have been allocated to purchase obsolete equipment such as BRIs, PRIs or PSTN gateways. Now you will definitely be able to make the right decision on which service will be the most appropriate for your business. 

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