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SIP Trunking happens to be a VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol and streaming media service that is based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). In this way, Internet telephone service providers are able to provide businesses with software communication applications that include the following:

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Other streaming media applications that include desktop sharing and web conferencing

What type of business setups use SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking’s functionality to provide a flexible way of communication is used in a number of applications. Banks use SIP Trunking to help the smaller branches communicate with the head branch over their performance while smaller subsidiaries of a main company use SIP Trunking to communicate over performance reviews. This approach is extremely flexible, especially in a situation where two entities are geographically placed several miles apart.

The five business benefits of using SIP Trunking

1. Increases the level of productivity within a business

Increases The Level Of Productivity Within A Business

Out of the many paramount objectives that are to be reached by an organization, increasing the level of productivity to an acceptable rate happens to be one of them. Using SIP Trunking in businesses increases the level of productivity by adding less friction and more functions to an existing system. These functions are as follows:

  • Businesses can easily make local and long distance calls over its intranet service.
  • Businesses can send emails, text messages and videos externally.
  • Businesses can conduct internet searches on their existing system with far greater ease.

If a business were to run without a SIP trunk, then its intranet will only be able to communicate while within the structural boundaries of the business. With the help of a SIP trunk, a company uses the VoIP to connect to outside networks using its phone system.

2. Using SIP Trunking negates the use of expensive and heavy equipment

Using SIP Trunking Negates The Use Of Expensive And Heavy Equipment

The use of expensive and heavy equipment in a company will add to the indirect costs that the company incurs (maintenance and electricity). It also utilizes unnecessary space. With the combination of a SIP Trunk along with a VoIP phone system, the company can effectively utilize real time data information, which includes video images, caller ID or call waiting ID.

3. Decrease the overall phone expenses

Decrease The Overall Phone Expenses

Since every phone present in a company uses a line for PSTNs (Public switched telephone network), the cost for maintaining these lines becomes too high. Businesses that use a SIP Trunk to access the ITSP (Internet telephony Service Provider) will be able to save a lot more money because a SIP Trunk connected with ITSP will be able to provide the business with far more features as compared to a PSTN without bringing in additional costs. Using this approach, businesses will also be able to save money when making long distance calls. Given below are some of the services that SIP Trunking provides with no additional costs:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Dedicated Fax Line
  • Unlimited number of Extensions

4. SIP Trunking enables integrated data coupled with smarter logistics

SIP Trunking Enables Integrated Data Coupled With Smarter Logistics

In addition to messaging, voice and video calls, SIP Trunks are compatible with multiple formats and is helpful for a number of reasons. They are:

  • Consistency of data:If a business happens to be collecting multiple formats of data from multiple organizations (majority of the time for market research purposes), there is going to a clutter of files present as data on a computer. Some of the files may not be viewed due to the compatibility issues. Thanks to integrated data provided by SIP Trunking, this process becomes more refined.
  • Reduced costs: Businesses will only be required to pay for one service rather than multiple.
  • Ease of use: Workers can be trained to use the equipment in a shorter span of time, which will increase the level of productivity.

5. Transmission of data to recipients becomes extremely quick

Transmission Of Data To Recipients Becomes Extremely Quick

The SIP trunk has the ability to send and receive data quicker than the company’s existing infrastructure. This is important for businesses, especially in the situation when they want to avoid misunderstandings with the recipients.

The amount of benefits and additional features provided by SIP Trunking, it is no surprise that it is rapidly growing in to popular communication medium amongst thousands of organizations.

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