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There is no question concerning the prowess of Cloud Hosted PBX systems compared to a traditional PBX system for a business communication setup. However, while business owners have heard from all corners concerning the abounding number of features that Cloud Hosted PBX offers, there is another feature present in Cloud Hosted PBX that forms the core of the entire setup. Virtual numbers.

Virtual numbers, or more commonly known as access numbers, is a telephone number working in an organization that has no strings attached. In other words, virtual numbers come with without a directly associated telephone line. Virtual numbers are already programmed to forward incoming calls and to top it all, they are also accompanied by several benefits that business owners should be aware of.

1. Continuous connectivity


Continuous Connectivity


The flexibility of Cloud Hosted PBX setups is equivalent to the level of flexibility of virtual numbers. Virtual numbers will allow business owners and employees to stay connected with their clients and customers no matter where those respected clients and customers may be. Clients are able to connect to you using a phone number that they are used to calling. After using that number, the call is then forwarded to your line that is present at the business premise. If you want to choose to direct the line to another location, then you can execute that without breaking a sweat.

2. Improve flexibility


Improve Flexibility


Since virtual numbers allow you to connect with your customers at any place and any time, it presents an unprecedented level of flexibility. This allows employees to screen and manage their calls at the same time, giving them additional time to focus on their own personal matters. That is not the only thing that improves that overall flexibility of virtual numbers. Several virtual phone systems provide an audit report concerned to the number of calls.

For several reasons, including reporting on call activity as well as evaluating employee and overall business performance, business owners can flexibly add features such as real-time call records for providing valuable insight on how the business is doing. In addition, having virtual numbers also improves the level of security for your business. All in all, it’s a ‘win win’ situation for the business owner.

3. Several office paraphernalia can be combined to improve output


Several Office Paraphernalia Can Be Combined To Improve Output


Since having virtual numbers allow you to combine office machines such as Fax and email services, it will only result in an increased level of output from you and therefore, and increased level of output stemming from the organization. The tedious requirement of using one specific machine for a specific task has been rendered obsolete by virtual numbers. Think of virtual numbers as something that is along the lines of a unified interface; it exists everywhere, allows you to access it wherever you want to and best of all, it allows you to merge two tasks in to a single one; saving precious time in the process.

The age of communication has brought about several products that have supplemented the way we connect to each other. Cloud Hosted PBX system’s virtual numbers has raised the bar yet again in producing a flexible environment in the office.


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