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Hospitals are the perfect example of institutes that have to continue to respond to emergency related situations for as long as they continue to stand on their concrete pillars. Over time, responding to these emergency related situations have improved thanks to the upgrading of the area’s networking infrastructure.

Even so, there are a few instances where the emergency situation gets too overwhelming to tackle. That can easily be justified as not everyone can maintain a cool and calm composure long enough for those emergencies to be tackled. However, if the medical institute had a proper communication platform, such as a cloud hosted PBX, even the biggest emergency situations can easily be tackled. How? Let us find out.

1. Stay connected, 24 hours a day


Stay Connected 24 Hours A Day


Hospitals require to be connected 24 hours a day because seeing as how the institute is responsible for saving lives, it needs to maintain constant communication with hospitals in close proximity for emergency supplies and personnel, in case the hospital is in short supply of either of the two, or both. A cloud hosted PBX system allows the hospital staff to say connected at all times at a low cost. If the staff switches to VoIP calling modes, then those calls can be carried out free of charge.

2. Cost savings


Cost Savings


Investing large amounts of capital, along with a competent staff on an expensive communication platform will drain the hospital’s resources dry, and eventually, it will not be able to procure medical supplies and other paraphernalia that keeps the core business of the hospital running. Since cloud hosted PBX systems are bundled with a price friendly feature, the hospital will have sufficient amounts of funds needed to acquire the necessary equipment for medical and emergency related situations.

3. Disaster recovery is not included in the hospitals own communication platform


Disaster Recovery Is Not Included In The Hospitals Own Communication Platform


Irrespective of the fact that the hospital is receiving stable and continuous power to function properly, there should always be a contingency plan for counter attacking an unforeseen disaster.

Most communication disasters start with a power outage, and if that happens; it will only spell disaster for the medical institute. Since all the necessary equipment belonging to a cloud hosted PBX setup is present off-site, there are several back up plans that have been implemented in order for communication to remain uninterrupted. This will allow the hospitals to maintain its normal workflow during the power outage.

4. Even patients will have access to communication


Even Patients Will Have Access To Communication

Looking after so many patients in a single building is a very daunting task and since not every patient admitted in to the hospital will be given a caretaker to look after them, cloud hosted PBX systems will allow patients to maintain communication with their supervising doctors. In case of an emergency or anything out of the ordinary, the hosted PBX setup will serve as a life-line connecting patients to doctors.

Cloud Hosted PBX systems are not just designed to upgrade a business communication platform; they are also there to save the lives of patients when unfavorable circumstances end up plaguing a hospital.


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