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Education and technology has come a long way in producing prodigies that continue to bring in change, and development to communication, education and a variety of other categories.

Educational institutes have provided students with not only a flexible curriculum, but other facilities that will allow them to make themselves useful and contribute to their country one way or another. Cloud hosted PBX systems can help to improve the overall landscape of educational institutes that will benefit the students and institute’s staff as well.

1. Save costs and in turn, improve the overall landscape

Nearly all institutes are looking to cut costs and save money one way or another. However, the way they do this results in a tarnished reputation.

Budget cuts, layoffs and the increasing of tuition fee might end up saving the institutes’ overall costs, but at the expense of their reputation. There are several ways how an educational institute can end up saving money and maintain its reputation at the same time. Three words: CLOUD HOSTED PBX. The cost savings that the institute ends up gaining can be invested in more acceptable ventures such as pay raises, construction of other facilities, reduction of tuition fees and scholarship programs.

2. Regular PBX systems add to the cost

For educational institutes looking to remove their sky rocketing prices; they should start with the removal of its regular PBX systems.

The surprising thing about these educational institutes is that they continue to remove the necessary elements of the institute while keeping the ones that they should remove in the first place. Furthermore, private branch exchange systems cost more due to obsolete equipment and will require more funds to force them to work at their optimum levels. In addition, hiring a proficient staff that can properly maintain the equipment will add more to the cost table.

3. With hosted PBX, communication with other schools will dramatically change

Thanks to Wavetel’s cloud hosted PBX system, institutes can communicate comfortably with one another, even if each of them are located at remote locations. There will be no difference in the call quality whatsoever. Furthermore, different educational institutes can take advantage of conference calls in order to speed up communications. Each conference call can take place anywhere in the world; negating the individuals to spend ridiculous amounts of money in travelling and other expenses. That’s not all, organization an event will become even simpler after the installation of a cloud hosted PBX system.

4. With hosted PBX comes an extra bundle of features

Apart from the additional productivity perks that you will be receiving by upgrading your communication platform, you will also be entitled to additional features that are lacking in traditional phone systems. These features include voicemail-to-email, web conferencing and Internet faxing.

A communication platform that provides the educational institute with cost effective, work efficient and a feature enriched environment can only be present in a cloud hosted PBX system. With this upgrade you will never have to look twice at your previous setup ever again. 


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