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Mobile connectivity; a feature that was once present in only the most expensive of mobile devices is ubiquitously present in all smartphones.

Not only this, high speed mobile connectivity, which was a luxury for most business owners and employees alike to afford, is provided by all carriers in order to provide an effortless link between clients and employees in a cloud hosted PBX business communication environment. Now, smartphones are about to be incorporated with even faster LTE modems, providing high upload and download speeds that will deliver uninterrupted connectivity in a business that has adopted a cloud hosted PBX setup.

Let us see how a Cat 10 LTE modem will improve overall productivity in an office premise.

1. Uninterrupted calling activity


Uninterrupted Calling Activity


The Cat 6 LTE modem currently happens to be the fastest LTE modem present in mobile devices, with a maximum theoretical download bandwidth of 300 Mbps and upload bandwidth of 50 Mbps.

While those speeds are considered to be impressive, they are just trifles compared to the maximum speeds that the Cat 10 modems will be able to deliver. With a maximum download speed of 450 Mbps and upload speed of 100 Mbps, employees will not only stay connected with their clients but customer satisfaction will greatly increase thanks to a smooth and uninterrupted communication session.

2. High energy efficiency allows for longer talk times with customers


High Energy Efficiency Allows For Longer Talk Times With Customers


Previous generation modems end up draining battery life at an alarming rate. Cat 10 LTE modems will be using 30 percent less battery compared to its predecessor LTE modems.This will allow employees to remain connected to cloud hosted PBX systems and their clients in order to follow up on any details that could have been missed due to complete battery depletion.

3. Improved application response times


Improved Application Response Times


Previous generation LTE modems present intermittent connectivity problems that end up dismantling the relationship between the employee and the customer in a cloud hosted PBX environment.

Cat 10 LTE modems come with added benefits in which they are able to exchange connection packets a lot faster compared to its predecessors, with a reduced percentage of those packets as a result of the high download and upload speeds. This allows employees to maintain a fluid call quality.

Currently, Qualcomm is the only company that has brought the breakthrough of mobile connectivity speeds by teaming up with Ericsson to provide the world’s first everCat 10 LTE modem. The company has stated that these faster chips will be incorporated in the smartphones in early 2015, which only means that businesses running cloud hosted PBX systems are about to get receive an influx of efficient play in the office premises.

While Ericsson provide Qualcomm facilities to start testing their Cat 10 LTE modems, these tests were only carried out at short ranges, which means that overall performance might or might not be affected for the user depending on the distance of the signal towers. Nevertheless, improved response timings, faster speeds and high energy efficiency are exactly the kind of features that business owners require from the mobile devices when running a cloud hosted PBX system.


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