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Now, the fact that cloud hosted PBX system are superior in price, performance and functionality over the legacy PBX systems is nothing that should surprise you, since the general rule is that an iteration of the same technology that is introduced several years later always happens to be better than its predecessor in one way or another.

However, while the prowess of cloud hosted PBX is well known among business owners who have upgraded their communication platforms, their thoughts will no doubt be bombarded with questions that will all reach to the same center: ‘What is the future of cloud hosted PBX?’ Platforms are always replaced by something better and before long, there will be an even more capable form of setups that will obscure the technological sophistication of cloud hosted PBX systems.

The only question is that will business owners be required to upgrade their existing communication platform every time a new platform rolls out? Not necessarily. This is because The Internet of Things, or IoT for short will eventually boost cloud hosted PBX’s capabilities to a whole new level.

What is the internet of things?



The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario that will allow everything; ranging from mobile devices, to office equipment, wearables, machinery, networks, organizations, and even people, to be connected to each other and the aforementioned paraphernalia through an online system that will enable both individuals and objects to communicate to one another.

While the idea might zip past the heads of several readers, in a nut shell, the Internet of Things will allow a whole connected environment, boosting efficiency to overdrive levels. VoIP communication started off in 1995, and has grown in to a very popular platform when mobile applications and business communication setups are involved.

There are several advantages that the IoT will bring to business owners who have cloud hosted PBX systems installed at their premises. However, none of them will ever come close to satisfying a business owner than his / her business ushering a new level of productivity in the premises.

With machines communicating with other machines, and employees communicating with these machines too, no longer will employees be limited to a small cubicle to make and receive calls. Since the office premise and the off-site hosted PBX building were always connected from before, the extra layer of connectivity existing between office equipment, mobile devices and people will allowa continuous cycle to form allowing everything to become connected, right down to the kitchen sink.

Majority of small and medium sized business would have been extremely happy that they switched over to cloud hosted PBX systems and gained a 30-40 percent decrease in annual costs. However, what they most probably did not realize is how cloud hosted PBX’s ascension to an upgraded platform will be caused by the introduction of the Internet of Things.

While business owners will not immediately witness these upgrades, it is only a matter of time before the Internet of Things ends up connecting everything in the office, boosting new levels of productivity never experienced before.


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