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Believe it or not, cloud hosted PBX systems have developed such a level of flexibility that they are no longer bound to business owners who require business communication platform for their communication purposes.

Cloud hosted PBX has now branched out to a variety of businesses, including Estate Agencies. For a regular individual, the sheer idea of installing a cloud hosted PBX system will raise more questions than answers and as a result, lead to nothing but puzzlement. However, there are several advantages that Estate Agency owners and their employees will gain once they get around to installing Wave-tel’s cloud hosted PBX systems.

1. Reduction of call bills

When a business owner makes a switchover to a new platform, he will always research on the amount of costs that will be incurred; especially the initial costs of setting up the platform as well as the ongoing monthly costs.

Now, there is no denying that most organizations have been using a standard PBX system for quite some time, and as much as they try to deny it, standard PBX systems are no longer preferred as a business communication setup for several reasons. One is that it chews up your funds in the form of monthly bills and secondly, maintaining the system costs an extra arm and a leg. Wave-tel’s cloud hosted PBX is not only fast and reliable, but it only costs peanuts to get it up and running.

2. Improvement of staff mobility and productivity

No employee has the capacity to spend a large chunk of their entire day cornered by a small desk or cubicle, handling calls and looking for clients who they can connect or notify with enticing offers. Not only does this result in making the employee extremely lethargic, but sitting on a chair for extrapolated hours can have an adverse health on the individual.

Furthermore, moving from one place to the other is the nature of estate agency employees since multiple meetings with clients and customers means that they have a high probability of selling properties. However, one drawback to being mobile is that they will miss out on potential clients who will be incessantly calling their office numbers to set up meetings. With Wavetel's cloud hosted PBX systems, being present at multiple locations will become a reality for these employees as they can easily configure any soft phone and get all of their calls diverted to their mobiles for free.

3. All office premises can be turned in to one whole premises, regardless of their location

For example, if your Estate Agency comprises up of five different phone systems that have been setup at five different office locations, there is absolutely no way that those calls are going to be transferred from one office location to the other.Whatever the scale of the business maybe, if they have a working internet connection, then all it takes is a connection to the hosted PBX landline and they are golden.

Wave-tel can promise you this; the installation of its cloud hosted PBX systems will keep you satisfied to the point that you’ll forget about your obsolete standard PBX system. Here is your chance to upgrade to the most preferred platform for businesses and increase your business productivity and sales tenfold.


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