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The principle that remained constant in our ever changing world is that there is always going to be some form of technology that will either have an impact on the current technology in two ways.

•Either it will improve the functioning of the products that have fallen in to   the current technological timeline or,

•It will completely replace it.

Cloud hosted PBX is one of those business communication setups that has replaced traditional setups such as ISDN as the more flexible and cost effective platform. Here are some of the upcoming technologies that will take cloud hosted PBX to a whole new level.

1. New wireless standard: 802.11 ad

The reigning current wireless standard happens to be 802.11 ac. Adapters that support this standard have ubiquitously started to be present in mobile devices, routers, wireless adapters and other networking paraphernalia. The maximum theoretical speed of the 802.11 ac wireless standard is nearly 7Gbps (gigabits per second).

While the prowess of the 802.11 ac wireless standard is far beyond anything its predecessors are able to showcase, due to the limitation of current bandwidths and the capabilities of products, the maximumtheoretical speed that can be reached is 1.3Gbpsand that too, under perfect circumstances.

The 802.11 ac’s successor will be none other than the 802.11 ad. The next generation wireless standard will have a maximum speed of 25 Gbps, which is beyond anything that business communication setups will be able to take advantage of. Nonetheless, the newly found speed will enable cloud hosted PBX systems to maintain a much crispier and smooth call quality with their clients and customers. Since hosted PBX systems also enable employees to maintain communication from their mobile devices, the higher speed will grant them uninterrupted voice sessions.

2. Unified interface in operating systems

Currently, operating systems present in desktop computers and mobile devices are far different in their interfaces, prompting employees and other users to change their stance while using each device.

Windows 10, which will be running a unified interface, will allow business communication employees to be presented with the exact same interface on all platforms; be it laptop computers or mobile devices. The biggest advantage that Windows 10 will be presenting to employees is that it will improve productivity across all platforms. No longer will users be unencumbered due to different operating systems, when they can have the same OS to complete their required tasks, both at work and away from it.

3. 5G connectivity

4G LTE has not yet become a mainstream offering of mobile connectivity and already sufficient amount of capital has been raised for the research in turning 5G in to mainstream form of connectivity. Expected to be over a 100 times faster than 4G LTE, 5G connectivity will allow users to effortlessly connect them to their business network and keep in contact with their clients while they are on the go.

There is some time before these technological advancements will allow insurmountable upgrades to cloud hosted PBX systems, but when they inevitably start replacing their slower and less flexible iterations, business communications owners are going to have the time of their lives.


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