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For small and medium sized businesses, moving to an entirely new business communication platform will always be accompanied by some form of risks that are looking in the eye of the business owner(s).After all, abandoning your current communication system and replacing it with an entirely new one is a very bold step to take, especially when you have to deal with all the negative rumors disseminating about the platform that the business owner seems so interested to switch over to.

Fortunately for you, the benefits of cloud hosted PBX systems far outweigh your concerns. Below we have listed 4 myths that have been completely debunked in relation to this communication platform.

1. It is way out of your budget

It’s funny how majority of all myths converge to the point where everything is mistook for being expensive and unaffordable. Unfortunately for the myth, which has been forced to be buried six feet under, cloud hosted PBX systems provide the business owner with considerable savings till the time they decide to switch over as well as for gaining savings for the future. Regular PBX systems have to be continuously maintained, which increases the overall maintenance cost column, so switching over to cloud hosted PBX systems is the ideal choice.

2. Voice and video quality are extremely choppy

Fast broadband internet have allowed voice and video calls over the internet to flow smoother than water. In addition to the impeccable quality of internet, it has also ended up being cheaper for small and medium sized businesses. However, if businesses are still experiencing a degradation of voice and video quality, the company can always choose to increase the overall speed in order to smoothen out the call quality.

3. Decreased security

This myth revolves around premise based systems being more secure compared to cloud hosted PBX solutions. To remove the cloud of misconceptions; cloud security has turned out to be virtually unbreachable thanks to its improved security standards and protocols. In fact, premise based solutions are more susceptible to virtual threats since they are often unmanaged, and since not everyone keeps an eye on them 24 hours a day, these systems can easily be breached.

4. Cloud hosted PBX systems are only for large businesses

Let’s get one thing straightened out; a large number of corporations already have their custom built systems doing all the work for them, negating the need for a 3rd party provider to provide them with a cloud hosted PBX solution. Cloud hosted PBX solutions are provided to small and medium sized businesses because they do not have sufficient amounts of capital to build their own custom based machines.

For small to medium-sized firms, putting their communications system on the cloud affords them tremendous flexibility and efficiency. This is because improved levels of communications and cost savings will allow the business to grow overtime and the amount of flexibility packaged in to cloud hosted PBX systems means that the system will grow according to the size of the business.

While there are malicious lies being spread out of nearly each and every speck of matter out there, cloud hosted PBX systems happens to be another victim of false rumors spreading to every corner. Now that these myths have finally been laid to rest, has it made you more comfortable to make the switch-over?

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