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Capacity Europe will proudly be showcasing its event for the 14th year, uniting all the leading telecom players to showcase their telecom paraphernalia that will eventually become the leading drivers in improving the global landscape of telecommunication.

Taking off from the 3rd of November till the 5th in Amsterdam, there are several highlights of the conference that all scalable businesses; especially those who want to improve their entire business communication platform should take note. Out of an abounding number of attendees visiting the event, a handful of them will be representing Wavetel, which has displayed its proficiency related to several business communication setups that will benefit a variety of businesses, no matter how big or small they are.

What Wavetel offers and how can you get in touch with them and its products?

Wavetel offers a repertoire of services including setting up an IP PBX Solution for small, medium and corporate level businesses. Providing you with a straightforward installation and setup, this setup will grant you and your business to make low cost calls from any region of the globe, and that too, providing crisp level of communication between each end of the call. Improve your productivity and woo your customers and clients with Wavetel’s IP PBX Solutions.

In addition to this, Wavetel also offers businesses to upgrade their existing platforms to SIP Trunking. SIP Trunking is perhaps the next best thing after ISDN solutions. This is because compared to traditional ISDN solutions, SIP Trunkingnot only costs less on a per channel basis, but it is more flexible compared to ISDN; granting more control to the organization thanks to its scalability feature. The scalability feature allows the organization to adopt a setup that is congruent based on the total area of the premise, and as soon as the operational size of the organization increases overtime, so does the scalability.

Cloud hosted PBX is another product brought to you by Wavetel. Instead of having an entire PBX setup present in your office building, the entire equipment is present at an offsite location, with several contingencies added including disaster recovery; so that you, your clients and your customers are never cut off from each other in case of an unforeseen emergency of a power outage, blackout or brownout. Furthermore, cloud hosted PBX also presents the same level of flexibility as SIP Trunking provides. Employees can stay connected to the hosted PBX setup as long as they are connected to a network.

While Wavetel’s products and service line-up can be considered unparalleled, the company also offers a partnership venture in turning worthy individuals in to VoIP whole sellers and IP PBX resellers. With communication trends and their respective platforms shifting to cost effective, efficient and productive ones, it is only fitting that businesses would want to cut costs and look for suitable alternatives for their next business communication setup. So what better way to present them with a suitable and lucrative solution than opting to choose to become Wavetel’s whole seller and IP PBX resellers?

Interested individuals can always approach Wavetel’s attendees at the 2014 Europe capacity.

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