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ISDN does offer several advantages over PSTN networks, but does it stand a chance against SIP Trunking services? Let us find out.

ISDN offers several cost advantages over PSTN services. That advantage’s scalability increases in those organizations which have employed the use of multiple telephone lines. While this platform has several benefits, it cannot provide the many golden perks that Wavetel’s SIP Trunking possesses. However, are those perks so large in number that they will incline business owners to make the business communication switch to SIP Trunking? Let us take a look.

Advantages of Wavetel SIP Trunking over legacy ISDN

1. Lower cost

The cost of Wavetel’s access components belonging to SIP Trunking are actually cheaper compared to the more expensive ISDN services. The expensive ISDN line interfaces can easily be replaced by a single, or multiple IP links through the use of copper or fiber lines. This ends up reducing capital and operating expenditure for the company, as costs for an Ethernet line is dramatically lower than multiple ISDN lines, and on top of that, the Ethernet lines offer significantly higher scalable bandwidth. In addition to the lowered capital expense, Wavetel’s SIP Trunking offers significantly lower call rates. You will be able to save up to 50 percent on line rental and 25 percent on calls when switching over to Wavetel’s SIP Trunking services.

2. A wide repertoire of communication mediums

Switching over to Wavetel’s SIP Trunking will provide you and your business with network convergence. This convergence can be translated in to voice, data and video over a common IP network, resulting in reduced network complexities and improved level of efficiency and productivity across the organization.

3. Independence

SIP Trunking provides independence of the access network type. Whether the data transmission is carried out over copper, fiber, or even wireless access networks, the independence of transmission proves the flexible nature of SIP Trunking. Additionally, Wavetel’s SIP Trunking becomes flexible in other ways besides transmission of data. 

 • Termination flexibility: While SIP Trunking provides massive cost savings and flexible data transmission over ISDN, one aspect of choosing Wavetel’s SIP Trunks is an effective and immediate disaster recovery option. In the event of an uncalled disaster, all voice SIP traffic will be quickly rerouted to a disaster recovery center; a process which is unheard of by organizations using ISDN lines because it is practically impossible to adopt a data recovery contingency with ISDN.

•Dimensioning flexibility: Wavetel’s SIP Trunking services can easily be dimensioned depending on the average usage rather than peak usage.

•Business is easily scalable: While data recovery is a welcome feature in SIP Trunking, why small and medium sized businesses will start to prefer this platform is because of its scalability. Wavetel’s SIP Trunking services are scalable on a per channel basis. What that means is depending on the size of your business, you can allow an increase or decrease in the number of lines based on changing requirements and the environment.

ISDN might have numerous advantages over PSTN networks, but when pitted against SIP Trunking services, ISDN will easily be thwarted by Wavetel’ SIP Trunking lowered costs, independence of data transmission as well as two of the most crucial features that SIP Trunking possesses and ISDN does not; scalability and disaster recovery. Now that you know the differences between each service, which one will you keep and which one will you throw away. 

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