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If a business starts to gain a successful run in the course of several years, it will naturally start expanding to the point where it will have to relocate to a new area to accommodate employees, equipment and of course the entire office premises. However, moving to an entirely new location is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Similar to the woes experienced by members of a household who are moving to a completely new home, the same difficulties are experienced by small and medium sized business owners, especially when transporting equipment is their paramount concern. Using standard PBX equipment to be transported to a new office building will increase the time, effort and most of all expenses. Here is where the existence of a cloud hosted PBX setup turns the tides in the blink of an eye. For small and medium sized business owners, here are 3 ways how a cloud hosted PBX makes your office relocation process simpler.

1. No hardware requirements will be necessary

No Hardware Requirements Will Be Necessary

Unlike a cloud hosted PBX system, if a business owner has adopted a PBX system, then that owner will need move more than just the kitchen sink. The equipment will range from physical servers or a common room which will play host to several items ranging from cables, and other equipment. The hard part will be physically moving all the equipment and setting it up all over again in the new location. When a cloud hosted PBX system is concerned, the only cabling you will need to worry about are the ones belonging to your LAN connection. You'll just have to make sure that you've got the correct number of sockets and phones to plug in and you're all set to go. It’s that simple.

2. Upgrading your equipment will not be necessary

Upgrading Your Equipment Will Not Be Necessary

With a cloud hosted PBX system, you can easily port all of your existing numbers to the cloud server, set up your LAN, plug in your communication equipment and you will be off to the races. Of course if you would rather stick to the using the simple PBX setup, then that is completely up to you but there are some serious number of sacrifices that you will have to make. First off, you’ll need to replicate the same number of ISDN channels for the new location. In addition, you will also need to make contact with a traditional telecoms provider to provide installation and line rental processes; and depending on the location where your new office will be relocated, the time period to survey the entire location and then take appropriate action can take between 1-2 months.

3. Business will become scalable

Business Will Become Scalable

The last thing you need is to start incurring cost after cost of acquiring new communication equipment to become proportional to the size of your business. This can turn in to a detrimental factor because the business’ growth will start to slow down overtime due to the over utilization of funds. With a cloud hosted PBX system, your business automatically becomes scalable and equipment will only be needed according to how large the business becomes.

With all the benefits displayed by a cloud hosted PBX system over a regular PBX system, we know that your switch over from the old communication ways to the new ones will become swift.

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