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IP phone systems are not a nascent form of technology. In fact, Voice over Internet protocol or VoIP phone systems have existed for almost 20 years, and as a result, have become the building blocks for VoIP technology when it was still being made mainstream.

There are several benefits of IP phone systems that are forcing VoIP to become the business telecommunications standard; with the primary one being ridiculously economic compared to the previous communication products.

Several communication companies that still possess analog phone systems have found replacing their equipment with IP phone systems resulting in improved efficiency and economic feasibility within the organization. Here are some of the benefits that you and your company can gain by switching to IP phone systems.

1. Messages are able to be sent in several different formats

Messages Are Able To Be Sent In Several Different Formats

Top IP phone systems usually offer visual voicemail, which automatically transcribes voicemail messages and delivers them in the form of text or email messages. If you receive an important voicemail message while your environment happens to be a very noisily distracted one or if you are too pre-occupied, you have the option of reading that voicemail rather than just listening to it.

The voice files will still be attached so you can listen to them as per your convenience. Visual voicemail also happens to be extremely fast, and can reach the recipients in a matter of seconds.

2. Sound quality: Impeccable!

Sound Quality Impeccable

Analog phone systems are inferior when it comes to delivering impeccable call quality, especially when they are pitted against IP phones. Even though analog systems do possess satisfactory call quality, since IP phone systems are digital, they will automatically trump the analog phone systems.

Some systems today also offer an HD Voice feature which walks tall above any other form of calling since its call quality prowess in unmatched. If you do hear interference during a VoIP phone call, it is most probably due to the network on which the call is placed, which in simple terms means that there is insufficient bandwidth.

Providers of IP phone systems will evaluate your broadband connection before installing a system, so if an upgrade in a broadband connection is required, it can be done beforehand to ensure that you do not face additional problems in the future.

3. The statistics speak for themselves

The Statistics Speak For Themselves

According to an Infonetics Research, the global market for IP phone systems services had reached $63 billion in 2012, which happens to be an increase of 9% since 2011.

When talking about particular services, hosted IP phone systems, which are no doubt an advanced variant of IP phone systems, grew the most from 2011 to 2012 among IP phone systems.

According to another research; by 2017 the combined business and residential market for IP phone systems will be expected to reach a massive worth of $83 billion.

If a small or medium sized business relies on high call quality service with considerable savings attached with them, then IP phones will definitely be the next acquisition for your business.

After all, superiority over analog phones, unmatched sound quality and economic feasibility are good enough reasons to opt for IP phones.

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