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The arrival of SIP Trunking has given rise to several perks besides ease of communication. It is able to create a balance of work and leisure for the employees.

In several parts of the globe, where companies are forced to downsize and either lay off employees or make them work long hours with decreased pay, it has started to become increasingly difficult for employees of a business communication setup to develop a balance between work and leisure. Due to this disparity, a higher percentage of employees give out a disapproval rating for the company that they work for as well as their employer. Business communication has evolved countless number of times, which new, improved and cost effective services coming about and changing the entire landscape of how a small and medium sized business operates. One of these services happens to be SIP Trunking. SIP Trunking is able to create the perfect balance of work and leisure for employees.

Flexibility and capacity are maximized

Using SIP trunks allows the organization to run voice, video and data traffic over the same IP network connection. The data traffic running over the same IP network is able to consolidate WAN connections and make the most of the bandwidth you are buying. As a result, your business will not be required to use a dedicated voice connection at each business location, which will give the business significant cost savings, which can later be injected in to the employee’s salaries as the company sees fit. Calls between locations will also be free. In addition, because SIP Trunking can automatically connect to a secondary connection, it can also be used as safety measure when disaster strikes.

One of the biggest advantages: disaster recovery

To make matters worse in a struggling economy, sometimes, unforeseen disasters such as power outages and brownouts can occur which can have deleterious effects on the equipment present in an organization. Since SIP Trunking can automatically connect to a secondary connection, it will maintain business continuity and ensure that the operations of the business are being maintained without disruption. If employees are already being overworked with long hours, a power outage can add more work hours without a bonus, causing severe discontent amongst the employees.

Return on investment will allow employees to have increased pay in a small amount of time

In majority of the cases, SIP Trunking’s ability lies in being able to reduce indirect costs by a huge margin and deliver payback in the shortest time span possible; in some cases, the time span is 6 months or less. Companies who have opted for SIP Trunking will finally breathe a sigh of relief as they will no longer be required to allocate substantial amount of funds on obsolete equipment that cost excessively, take up too much of office space and require huge maintenance costs to bring them back to their peak performing levels. With a cost saving campaign taking place in organizations thanks to SIP Trunking, employees will have a flexible environment to work in as well as reduce work hours. This will allow them to finally find the perfect balance between work and leisure.


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