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With IP phones becoming a standard form of equipment for business communication setups, is your existing setup given you the service that you had paid for?

Most business owners or companies set up their infrastructure without properly reviewing the total cost it will cost them to put up the entire setup. The surprising thing about a business phone setup is that they happen to one of the largest and most dependent setup of your entire organization, even more so if your business is involved in running a business communication setup. Thanks to VoIP connectivity, several products, ranging from VoIP business phones to cloud hosted PBX systems have started to become extremely popular thanks to the amount of flexibility and cost effective features that come bundled with them. Unfortunately, most businesses are unaware of the perks that these services carry so they are still inclined on running analog phone systems. There are several costing techniques that business owners need to know about when calculating the total cost of a business phone system. Is yours giving your money’s worth? Let us find out.

Several factors to take in to account


Several Factors To Take In To Account


The cost of running a business phone setup accounts for several elements that make up the costing chart. This is given as follows:
  • Phone equipment
  • Lines
  • Calls
  • Mobiles
  • Fax
  • Conferencing and support
Majority of organizations that are considering making a switch from a traditional phone system to an IP phone system will most likely find it very difficult to make a cost comparison chart. To make such things easy for the business owner, given below are some key pointers on how you can calculate the cost of your phone system.
  • Upfront purchased equipment (fits into capital expenditure)
  • Combined monthly bills (fits into operating expenditure) that will include rental, services and finally support.
Now, you can calculate your capital expenditure costs by adding equipment such as PBX, phones and other ‘paid once’ expenses spreading over in order to receive the yearly cost. The remainder of the costs, which fall under regular billing, fax line rentals, broadband billing, and internet service provider, equipment rentals, calling costs, free phone numbers and conferencing service can be added to calculate operating costs. Finally, you can now future expenditure costs by adding an estimated amount for upgrades, support and technicians, to receive the total amount that you will be receiving for the whole 12 months.

Calculating the cost of your IP phone system


Calculating The Cost Of Your IP Phone System


There are several advantages of calculating the cost of an IP phone system. First off, this particular phone system is based entirely on the operating expenditure column that will possess a fixed price as a monthly bill, as the service is provided over the internet. If you have a fixed billing amount, then calculation of these costs becomes quite simple.

Are you still getting your money’s worth?


Are You Still Getting Your Money’S Worth


After you have calculated both costs, you will not require a mathematician to inform you that you can cut your costs up to 60% by opting to choose for IP phone systems and cloud services rather than choosing analog based phone systems. Since phone equipment, lines, calls, mobiles, fax, conferencing and support can be delivered by a single one provider, it will save you exorbitant amounts of time and money, since you will only have to count the costs coming from one provider.
Now that you have all the steps needed to calculate the cost of different type of phone systems, which one would you rather choose?

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