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The term ‘unified communications’ might be known to a few people, but it being a feature of SIP Trunking can take your business to new heights.

While SIP Trunking holds an abounding number of features for the supplementation of businesses that are in need of improving their communication setups, there is another feature that allows SIP Trunking to be placed in the highest stratum of a business communication setup. That feature is known as unified communications. The term ‘unified communications’ might be branded as arcane, but its benefits will serve you better than the doubts that you are currently embroiled in.

What is meant by unified communications?

To understand the capabilities of SIP Trunking setups, you must first become knowledgeable on what is a unified communication setup. Unified communications is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging, information, telephone services, video conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing, call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging. In a nut shell, it means that each and every single employee present in the premise will be able to enjoy all forms of communications on every single computer and platform without the need for additional equipment (such as renting a different line for the facilitation of each communication).

What does unified communications mean for previous technologies?

Even though SIP Trunks are new compared to previous forms of communication setups, its standards have evolving greatly in order to provide additional flexibility to small and medium sized businesses. As far as previous communication setups are concerned; overtime, several business owners will be inclined to make the switch over to SIP Trunks thanks to the cost savings feature and flexibility that comes along with SIP Trunks. The unified communications industry will be looking at a boom in the foreseeable future. Since business communication setups have already migrated their systems to SIP Trunks, total revenue; including products and services have shot up to $39.7 billion in 2013.

How will unified communications aid the business sector?

The combination of SIP Trunking and unified communications will provide you and your business with the following benefits.

1. Superior voice and video calling performance

Improved communication performance through voice and video channels will enable the productivity of businesses to improve the up-gradation of the quality of service between business personnel and customers.

2. Plug and play technology

SIP Trunks come with ‘plug and play’ configuration, negating the need to hire additional labor in order to setup up the entire system on the premises through an adept individual. In addition, running the software is extremely simple as it only requires a layman’s knowledge of how to operate it.

3. Improved efficiency

SIP Trunks and unified communications will improve overall efficiency within an organization. This is because employees will seamlessly be able to use a single channel to employ the use of several communication mediums in order to get things done. In addition, a SIP Trunk setup is extremely fast, allowing employees to do research, complete tasks and tend to customers in record time.

4. Mobility

Since SIP Trunking features unified communications, it means that all communications will be available on all forms platforms, regardless if those platforms are wireless or wired. Having a unified communications setup will aid smartphones users as they will be able to maintain communications in the premises without being stuck to a single place.

SIP Trunking and unified communications provide unrestricted flexibility to businesses and employees. The availability of all forms of communications on all platforms will most definitely improve overall efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction to a whole new position.


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