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The easiest to deploy, maintain, and offering the lowest capital expenditure costs for any organization, Wavetel answers to you ‘Why Cloud Hosted PBX’.
If business owners are running a communication setup and during all this time, they have not heard the benefits of VoIP and its applications, they have probably spent their time living under a rock. Cloud hosted PBX systems belong to those category of systems that are the most easiest to deploy, the most simplest to maintain, and not to mention offering the lowest capital expenditure costs for any organization, while maintaining proper network delivery and infrastructure. However, if you are still hell bent on asking yourself, why Cloud Hosted PBX, then Wavetel’s services will answer your questions swiftly.

What Wavetel can tell you about Cloud Hosted PBX?

Most companies offering their services will not come close to the requirements that you are looking for. If those companies are offering services that will allow you to take your communication setup to the next stage, they will most likely end up giving their services at a price that will not ignite that level of enticement. Now, as stated before, Cloud Hosted PBX offers the lowest capital expenditure costs, but it does not mention that every organization is functioning on the exact same scale and because of that, these organizations will have different levels of costs incurred. The amount of costs incurred in the organization will be to that point where business owners will not be able to see value in choosing to switch to a Cloud Hosted PBX (even if from another person’s perspective, that happens to be a very good deal).

Wavetel’s Cloud Hosted PBX service is offered in three tiers:

    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Enterprise

The great thing about all these categories is that the onetime setup charge for all of the above mentioned categories will be same, regardless of the size of your business. Naturally, due to the operational size of the organizations, the PBX charge per user charge will increase as you move from Standard to Premium and from Premium to Enterprise, but the fact that all three categories are asking for the same rate for a one time setup charge is something that your business acumen will sharply take notice of. Given below are additional pricing details of all the three tiers.






One time setup charge




PBX charges per user





Coming to the additional features of Cloud Hosted PBX, Wavetel will be offering unlimited SIP Trunking channels to every category that you choose to setup as your business communication medium. That’s not all; if you choose to select our Cloud Hosted PBX service, you and your organization will be entitled to a Yealink IP Phone T19 PN to start using on your organizational premises absolutely free. Now that is an offer that you simply cannot refuse. 

In addition to the Cloud Hosted PBX services, Wavetel also provides a plethora of other services in order for you to upgrade your existing business communication setup without looking any place else. With a great deal being offered to you from our Cloud Hosted PBX service, we guarantee that you won’t be left dissatisfied with our other services.  


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