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The popularity of SIP Trunks have started to display quite prominently thanks to the following statistic. In 2013, there was an increase of nearly 200,000 SIP Trunks in the 6 month period.

That statistic does not only show that SIP Trunks are becoming popular but it is also showing the prowess of SIP Trunks compared to previous technologies. Some businesses are still reluctant to make the switchover from ISDN to SIP trunking because they believe that it will not be a cost-effective venture. However, the advantage that SIP Trunks have over ISDN connections is that they deliver greater flexibility, reliability and one of the most important factors for a growing business, scalability.

Here are three reasons why your customers need to switchover to SIP Trunks.

1. Continuation of business without disrupting their connectivity


Continuation Of Business Without Disrupting Their Connectivity


Customers switching over to SIP Trunks will be required to use their existing internet connection in order to upgrade their telephone system to make calls and video conferences over the internet.

Customers can also upgrade their existing internet service if they feel that speed and performance are going to cause issues in the near future. With this approach, customers will be able to minimize any service disruption associated with installing a new network service. Additionally, SIP trunking is also able to support your customers’ businesses when disaster strikes; a protective feature that is not yet present where ISDN connections are concerned.

2. Business will become scalable in the future


Business Will Become Scalable In The Future


Since SIP Trunks will allow you to save ridiculous amounts of money, it will increase your overall profit margin. Since you will not be required to pay the costs for obsolete and quality degrading telephone lines, you will have more capital saved up. Even if your business does not operate on the frequency that you would have hoped, that cost-saving factor will automatically turn in to a winning feature because of reduced costs incurred within the organization.

When running on ISDN lines, business owners have to purchase additional ones beforehand in order to accommodate for future growth. However, withSIP Trunking, business owners and their respected customers will only be required to pay for the channels that they will needing so in terms of the popular saying, you will only get ‘What you pay for.’

3. Great savings


Great Savings


As stated in the previous reason, with SIP, customers will be able to use a single connection in order to pass a high-quality voice and data calling service. This dual functionality will allow users to get rid of expensive ISDN hardware without compromising the Quality of Service (or QoS) of their calls.

It is expected that businesses adopting SIP Trunks will reach the tally to 3.3 million by 2018. While this is a great statistic, it will not bode well for businesses because now, they will have to deal with more competitors.

However, if you and your business take the first step now, it will ensure that you are already 10 paces ahead of your competitor and getting a head start is more advantageous than having your work cut out for you right?


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