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Is your business still clinging on to a traditional style of making calls using legacy phone systems? If the answer is yes, then it is time that you reevaluate the communication infrastructure on your premises because thanks to the age of cloud computing and increased costs, legacy phone systems will continue to have its grip loosened on its market share.

Here are some of the reasons why legacy phone systems will cease to exist in the future.

1: They are too darn expensive


They Are Too Darn Expensive


As machines starts to age due to their prolonged usage, they will become increasingly expensive to support and maintain. With the overwhelming competition that is stacked up around every corner, it is mandatory for business owners to have sufficient reserves of capital to overcome the imminent rainy season where the business is egregiously, financially.

Those reserves of capital will not be present for business owners if they continue to keep running legacy business phone systems.

2: Expensive infrastructure


Expensive Infrastructure


Since legacy phone systems date back to a whole century, they will generally require an older technical environment. Just as applications grow more expensive to maintain as they age, so does the infrastructure that comprises up of these legacy phone systems.

3: They are too large to accommodate


They Are Too Large To Accommodate


Maintaining the expensive infrastructure also comes with keeping the bulky equipment around the office premise, which is likely to consume a lot of office space, which only means that things will get a lot more cumbersome for employees.

Furthermore, if offices are relocated to different locations, then that becomes an added burden of requiring extra levels of transport of carefully handling the equipment and additional time is also consumed in setting up the necessary equipment in order to for it to work at its optimum level.

4. Hosted PBX solutions have started to get preferred


Hosted PBX Solutions Have Started To Get Preferred


Business owners who are adamant about sticking to their legacy phone systems should know that hosted PBX systems and the companies that provide them have started to get preferred over the obsolete phone system because of their reduced costs, reduced equipment (the only tangible equipment that is required on the office premise are IP phones are lines connected to those IP phones) and the ability to be connected while on the move, hosted PBX solutions have become the preferred solutions for evolving businesses.

In addition, maintenance expenses will become nullified since all the equipment of hosted PBX phone systems will be present at off-site locations.

At the off-site locations, service providers’ adept engineers will be in charge of making sure that your phone systems are running without any issues.

In the intervening years since your legacy applications were first deployed, there have been obvious advances both in technology and in business processes. Product development, marketing, sales, and even supply chain management and accounting have evolved, and abandoning a legacy application gives you a chance to adopt modern practices and let go of years of workarounds and convoluted processes.



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