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The term ‘future proof’ is used to define any product or service that a consumer or businessman purchases with the intention that the particular product or service will be able to last the individual several years before he/she have to make a sizable upgrade or investment in securing yet another product or service.

While this approach might be expedient when purchasing products or entities that tend to have a long life span, business communication setups do not fall in to that category. Why is that so?

1. In technological paraphernalia, nothing can be termed as ‘future proof’


In Technological Paraphernalia Nothing Can Be Termed As ‘Future Proof’


One of the reasons why technological products cannot be termed as ‘future proof’ is because they quickly get replaced by a better variant that is released within a couple months’ time (6 months at most), rendering the product that you have purchased, obsolete. Unless you want to stay up to date with the latest products that are coming out in the market, there is no such thing as a technological product being ‘future proof.’

However, products should only be considered ‘future proof’ if they are working according to your requirements.That being said, legacy phone systems have been around for quite some time now and while business owners are spending ludicrous amounts of money is keeping them functioning properly, there are better variants being adopted by businesses worldwide.

2. How does hosted PBX systems allow businesses to keep on track with the requirements?


How Does Hosted PBX Systems Allow Businesses To Keep On Track With The Requirements


Hosted PBX systems function in a completely different way compared to legacy phone systems. One of the biggest advantages of adopting a hosted PBX system is its ‘scalability’ factor. The scalability factor allows businesses to adopt as many connections as possible according to the frequency of operations conducted concerning their business.

Another advantage is that it saves business owners a ton of money by preventing them for paying for additional lines that they might or might not need in the future. Imagine a firm that is utilizing 20 phone lines but is only paying the bill for half of those lines in the hopes that the business will start growing large enough to finally start putting use to those phone lines.

Upgrading to a hosted PBX system will ensure that you are able to get for what you literally pay for and not have to pay for unnecessary line rentals.

3. Additional costs go in maintaining that ‘future proof system


Additional Costs Go In Maintaining That ‘Future Proof System


Business owners who feel that they have made a prudent decision by purchasing additional phone lines at once will

need to remember that they will have to continue paying for them whether they use them or not. Overtime, these lines have to replaced or repaired which will require additional funds from the capital of the organization.

Soon, business owners will find that they do not have sufficient capital in expanding the operations of the business and as a result, they will have to painfully wait for the year to end in order to start their budgeting process. It is always considered good practice if owners are able to scout around for which services are available that will give them the ‘best bang for their buck.’

In this way, owners will save themselves that excruciating headache as well as time wastage that they could have invested elsewhere.


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