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Looking at how increasingly popular hosted PBX setups are becoming with business owners, it is about time that there was a section that outlined the total number of differences separating the two platforms. Sure, some tech savvy business owners out there might know the major differences between them but do they know all those differences.

‘Knowledge is power’ is one of the oldest adages out there and there is a reason why it is still being used in all forms verbal and literal communication. Here are all the differences that you need to know between legacy phone systems and hosted PBX systems.

Traditional Phone System

The oldest communication setup has been used by thousands of businesses for decades. Compared to the hosted PBX systems, legacy phone systems are inferior in both costs, functionality and performance. In fact, you will be surprised to know that the average cost to accommodate single phone to an employee can exceed the price of £500.

In addition, the main PBX hardware as well as thecabling and wiring required to operate the system adds to those costs, turning it in to a very expensive venture for the business owner. Furthermore, theongoing maintenance is another factor that a business needs to consider when looking into a local PBX system.

If the business increases with the frequency by which it conducts business with its clients and customers, then another headache that the business owner must bear upon his/her shoulders is moving to a brand new office building which will require ridiculous amounts of manpower and time in shifting the equipment to the new location.

Hosted PBX Service

There are two major differences separating traditional legacy PBX systems and Hosted PBX systems. The first and foremost is that no local phone systems are required to purchase, install, or maintain. The only purchase costs a business managers to incur is to buy new IP phones.

Since all the voicemail, phone menus, and interactive features are taken care of by the hosted PBX provider, there’s no other local hardware needed. In majority of the cases, IP phones are designed to go in-line with the existing computer network, sitting in between a PC and an existing RJ-45 jack.

This helps to eliminate additional wiring costs, and help to ensure local Quality of Service when it comes to voice traffic.

While the above information posted has been compiled to help the business owner, it has also been placed in order to prevent them from making the wrong decisions. Lots of communications setups continue to run legacy phone systems despite the fact that the metrics are in front of them concerning the advantages presented by hosted PBX systems.

Several great decisions are made one step at a time so make the right choice and settle for a hosted PBX system.If your business is looking to upgrade or change out an older PBX system, or your new business is researching potential phone system options, Hosted PBX may fit your budget and your user needs a lot more than you think! Wavetel makes sure that all these needs are fulfilled along with making sure all of its customers get a 100% positive customer experience.


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