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In a world which is filled with a phalanx of competitors, businesses are struggling to display high levels of profitability and as a result, business owners are forced to take drastic measures that end up killing the business.

In the Year 2015, cutting corners such as cost reductionwill be a drastic step that business owners will be willing to take when all hope is lost for the business but if they cannot go to that dark corner, what else are they supposed to do staring in the face of mountingcosts? The answer; switch to a better business communication platform such as Wavetel’scloud hosted PBX.

Here are four massive savings that your business will get after switching to Wavetel.

1. Massive cost SAVINGS


Massive Cost SAVINGS


Your business will be cutting corners but not in any way that will be deleterious to you, your business and your employee satisfaction rate.

Instead, the ‘cutting corners’ bit will only be taking place by replacing the obsolete traditional PBX telephone system that you have lying around at your premises, chewing away at your monthly bill, taking up a lot of space and not delivering even half the service that you are being forced to pay for. Your initial investment and monthly costs will all be reduced thanks to Wavetel’scloud hosted PBX. Now for you, that should be synonymous for an ‘unbeatable deal’.

2. Massive manpower SAVINGS


Massive Manpower SAVINGS


The term ‘manpower’ might be a bit ambiguous so pay close attention to the details that are to be presented before you. When a business owner is running a regular PBX telephone system, the hiring of technicians becomes absolutely necessary in order to make sure that there is uninterrupted service all around the organization.

While technicians are doing a splendid job in ensuringthat the system is working efficiently, it ends up adding more numbers to the business’s cost column. Paying the technicians a monthly fee combined with the procuring of necessary equipment for your PBX telephone system is a burden that neither you nor your bank account can sustain for very long.

After switching to a cloud hosted PBX system, the company that provides you with the necessary equipment will be responsible for making sure that the equipment setup in your office is running above the satisfactory threshold. In this way, you will no longer be giving away chunks of money in the form of salaries and equipment procurement.

3. Massive space SAVINGS


Massive Space SAVINGS

Reduced monthly bills, reduced maintenance costs; all that remains is the adding of more space so that you and your employees don’t start developing a fear of closed spaces (more scientifically known as claustrophobia).

Installing Wavetel’s cloud hosted PBX telephone system will make you and your office space entitled to sufficient space that will not only make breathing easier, but stretching your arms and legs will become a breeze. After all, with all the phone equipment present at the off-site location, you can only guess the probability to the amount of space that you will have left.

So this New Year, to make these massive SAVINGS, and start cost cutting in a way that will not affect, but improve your business, switch to Wavetel’s cloud hosted PBX system. This will free that extra bit of money each month that will help business owners to spend in ways that they know will help their business grow and prosper in 2015.


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