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During the winter season, the harsh climate that is accompanied with it has a propensity of causing a boatload of problems other than creating a hostile and unpleasant environment.

Business owners who continue to adopt a legacy PBX system are the ones who have the luck in their business struck out because the harsh climate not onlyends upmaking the call quality extremely choppy, but in majority of the cases, legacy phone cables can also snap since the cold weather contracts these cables to the point that they can easilybe disconnected from one, or both ends.

However, the problems that are associated while maintaining a legacy PBX connection will not be the same if the business owner adopts a hosted PBX system.

Hosted PBX systems comprises up of three main characteristics that allow it remain completely functional, even in the harshest of environments. Let us take a look at the characteristics.

1. ‘No strings’ attached. Literally


‘No Strings’ Attached Literally


Legacy systems present one unbearable feature; employees have to stay at their current position (which can also mean the office premises). However, during the winter season, the daily hours that an employee spends at the office can exponentially increase because the choppy call quality being delivered by the traditional business phone system will be interfering with the overall productivity of the organization.

Due to poor service, employees will hardly be able to keep up with their clients, further killing efficiency and the goodwill of the organization. With a hosted PBX system, not only will the call quality be immaculate, but employees will not be required to spend excruciatingly long hours at the office.

2. Equipment is present at off-site location


Equipment Is Present At Off Site Location


Unlike legacy PBX systems, the only equipment that will be present at the office premise will be calling paraphernalia such as IP Phones. As for the remainder of the equipment; it will be present at the service provider’s location.

In other words, employees will no longer have to worry about poor call quality as the equipment running at the off-site location will be handled by adept engineers and technicians who will make sure that the phone systems are running at the optimum functionality.

3. Overall reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction


Overall Reduced Costs And Improved Customer Satisfaction


Being able to hold against the storm can only mean one thing for hosted PBX systems and business owners; overall reduced costs and an improved customer satisfaction rate. During the winters, there is a high probability that legacy phone systems can snap due to the copper wire contracting inside of it.

If the business owner is lucky enough, he will be able to hire a technician (most technicians are unable to offer their services due to the harsh weather conditions) who most likely charge them will a ridiculous quota, and even then, it is not guaranteed that the phone lines will be working properly.

If users switch to Wavetel’s hosted PBX solutions, not only will the thoughtof sporadic service breakdowns cease to exist in their minds, but they will also keep their cost variables down to a minimum and keep customers happy for the foreseeable future.


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