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Over the course of several years, your PBX phone system has had to go through tons of installations, repairs, upgrades and decommissions in order to maintain the best possible calling environment in your office premise.

While you might have had sufficient number of funds allocated in order to keep your PBX system running at its optimum performance, that budget keeps on dwindling with every passing year thanks to additional factors that keep on raising the overall costs of the organization.

If you want to cut down your costs, then laying off your staff and reducing operational activity will be a deleterious move for your organization. We have a better option for you; switching to hosted PBX. Why?

Hosted PBX is the future of telephony and it is going to be the first brick at which your organization will be able to create an establishment of success. We have noted down three facts of hosted PBX that prove that it is the future of business communications.

1. Lucrative cost benefits


Lucrative Cost Benefits


All of your calls will be running on the internet for you.In addition to being cheaper than standard PSTN phone lines, you will be receiving only the best functionality that will be a mirror reflection of an expensive top class PBX system, except for the fact that you will not be paying the bill for an expensive PBX system but only a fraction of its total cost.

2. No more phone cabling required


No More Phone Cabling Required


With a cloud based Hosted PBX, all the phones present in the office premise willbe IP Phones. IP Phones will possess an Ethernet port, allowing them to be connected to the computer network rather than thestandard phone socket. In the process, all of the IP Phones will be connected to your phone system through your network over the internet, negating the need to install a PABX box.

Furthermore, every employee in your organization will really only need one data socket, allowing them to be connected to not only the entire office building, but other locations around the globe too.Another perk of IP Phones is that they require no form of programming or driver installation. They behave like a generic USB keyboard or a USB mouse and come with a ‘plug n play’ functionality.

Just plug in the device and you will be off to the races. Its that simple.

3. Scalability factor


Scalability Factor


With a Hosted PBX, all of your phone lines will be bundled into one virtual VoIP system on the cloud, which will be responsible for all the call making procedures that take place internationally and locally.

Calls will definitely be cheaper, your employee’s productivity will be enhanced greatly thanks to the copious number ofcustomizable features present and best of all, you will be able to accommodate IP Phones according to the amount of business you bring in. No longer will have to future proof yourself because the hosted PBX service will be handling all the future proofing for you.

Rest assured, with the three aforementioned facts, yours and your business’ future will thrive under the installation of hosted PBX system. Like the popular adage, ‘Out with the old, and in with the new’, you too can get rid of the dying and obsolete status of regular PBX connections and switch to a more reliable platform such as Wavetel’s Hosted PBX Business Telephone System.

From £7.99/user/month, not only does it fulfill all of these three factors, but it also goes beyond with the amount of features that it provides.


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