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Prior to the start of the New Year, the holiday season brings out love, peace and harmony amongst the entire social populace. However, not all things start with a brighter morning when the New Year starts.

Business owners, who are pressured immensely due to inflating costs and loss of clients, have to re-strategize for their whole 12 month period on what exactly they have to do in order to return their business to profitability and gain back the lost customers who had been with them since the beginning.

For business owners, the process starts with making New Year’s resolutions by cutting down costs in the most unfavorable manners possible. However, things do not have to look too bad for business owners, as there are more efficient ways of cutting down costs without killing the efficiency and morale factor of the business.

Why should businesses upgrade their business phone systems at the start of the New Year?

Majority of small, medium and large scale businesses start their financial year during the start of the New Year. Now, before starting their financial year, business owners already start their budgeting process in which they will have to start crunching up numbers and come up with a metric suitable enough to make the company profitable when it posts up its financial statements for the upcoming four quarters.

Majority of the times, there are several variables that keep on getting added to the cost columns and under pressure, business owners are forced to turn to drastic measures.

These drastic measures include laying off employees who have been loyal to the company ever since they joined or downgrading the communication setup of the entire office premise, which ends up hampering the productivity of the organization.

After all, if business owners are unable to take these drastic measures, the company will never be able to report profitability, right? Wrong. There is one way of removing the ink present in cost columns; upgrading your business phone systems.

It might sound completely ludicrous at first but upgrading the office’s communication platform to Wavetel's Cloud hosted PBX system will not only increase overall productivity at a grander scale with features like unlimited simultaneous calls and the potential of unlimited extensions, it will also severely reduce costs that are constantly being incurred thanks to legacy phone systems.

Legacy phone systems have become obsolete in the face of hosted PBX systems. Not only have they become expensive and difficult to maintain, but they also take up a lot of office space and do not deliver the call quality that you pay for.

What is even more important here to note is that even before the New Year started, on more than one occasion, business owners have had to deal with choppy call quality or disrupted service thanks to the unforgiving weather, which results in the degradation of clients’ and customers’ approval of the business.

Upgrading to Wavetel’s hosted PBX systems will not only improve call quality, efficiency and mobility for your employees, butit will help businesses to take a step in the right direction of reporting profitability.


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