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In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary year, the Capacity Middle East 2015 event is going to be held on March 10-12 and will bring all of the major communication firms and service providers together that have remained active in the Middle Eastern telecoms market.

Out of the several tech firms present at the event, Wavetel is also going to be present at Capacity Middle East 2015 and will be stationed at booth 31. The representatives that will be speaking on behalf of the company will be debriefing the public attending the event concerning three major ventures that Wavetel is currently working on:

  • Promoting wholesale VoIP
  • Rate management system
  • IntuPBX

Promoting wholesale VoIP

Wavetel is a leading wholesale VoIP provider with its core destinations being South Asia, Middle East and Africa. Wavetel is looking for aggressive rates for all destinations to buy and sell routes to not only its core markets, but also to expand its portfolio beyond these.

The highly qualified team from Wavetel, will be meeting many different companies at Capacity Middleast to promote not only their services but also build business relationships with companies that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.


intuPBX is an advanced multitenant PBX, developed to provide high quality and value added services Giving SMBs and Telecom Service Providers a powerful platform to serve the IP-PBX market in the cloud.

Some of the core features of intuPBX will include the following:

  • Mutli-Tenant: intuPBX is capable of serving multiple distinct clients with a single instance. In other words, each client has a dedicated PBX, but all of them share the same server and the same instance. With a Multitenant architecture, intuPBX is designed to virtually partition its data and configuration, and each client works with a customized virtual application instance. Using the same instance for all the clients is really a cost and resource saving solution.
  • Multi-Reseller: A multilevel authorization and privilege system allows you to define admin, tenant users or resellers.
  • Secure: The intuPBX is ready to use all the secure protocols to guarantee you will never be wiretapped by using SRTP and SIP over TLS.
  • Support: Our VoIP experts are always ready to answer to your questions and to help you to solve any of the problems you can find in running your business.

Rate management system

Wavetel’s developed Rate Management System is comprehensive one stop solution for SME VoIP wholesalers to manage their day to day operation. It consists of a CRM, rate, routing and billing solution all in one.

As stated earlier, Wavetel will be stationed at booth 31 for the sole purpose of connecting companies, clients, business owners and large regions to the next generation of communication setups. These days, it is extremely important to have cheaper, cost effective and efficient communication solutions.



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