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To celebrate Capacity Middle East’s 10th year anniversary, an event was held from March 10, 2015 to March 12, 2015 where all the major communication firms and service providers came together in order to showcase their next generation products and offerings that would change the way the globe communicates in the near future.Out of the several delegates and exhibitioners that were present there, Wavetel was one them, exhibiting at booth number 31.

The event turned out to be a very successful one as representatives of Wavetel were able to debrief the delegates and future partners on several communication technologies and ventures.

Another reason why the event turned out to go in the company’s favor was because of Wavetel’sdiversified array of services designed to facilitate business owners and clients on a massive scale.

During the event, Wavetel’s representatives were focused on speaking about the followingventures among others:

  • Promoting wholesale VoIP
  • Rate management system
  • IntuPBX, which is next step in cloud communications

Promotion of Wavetel’s wholesale VoIP turned out to be a very successful talk. The company is currently targeting different regions of the globe concerning its wholesale VoIP service. Its core destinations happen to be South Asia, Middle East and Africa. The company’s has broader intentions of expansion, and its current primary objective happens to be looking for aggressive rates for all destinations to buy and sell routes to not only target its core markets, but also to expand its portfolio beyond these.

The highly qualified team from Wavetelmet with different representatives who were looking at the best interest of their companies.Apart from wholesale VoIP, Wavetel’s representatives also spoke about intuPBX, which happens to be the next generation when cloud communications are concerned.

Due to intuPBX possessing advanced multitenant PBX features, it will provide small, medium, large and Telecom Service Providers with a powerful platform to serve the IP-PBX market in the cloud.

Another service that Wavetel’s employees spoke about was the company’s flexible Rate Management System. While it has been known that majority of employee personnel are immersed in the primary operations of the company, Wavetel’s developed system will be able to provide small, medium and large enterprises with a solution that will allow them to manage their day to day operations.

Since this particular system manages everything on its own and reduces the burden on the employees, the public and different individuals representing their own companies were astounded by its capabilities.

The Capacity Middle East 2015 event might be long since is long over, Wavetel’s responsibility of providing small, medium and occasionally large enterprises with a better performing and efficient communication setup is far from over.

These systems will exponentially boost employee productivity and execute cost reduction in the future, leaving business owners happy, and employees and clients thoroughly satisfied.





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